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When Sales Makes Love To Marketing: HubSpot Adds CRM


marketing meets salesWhen people make love a baby is created.  When the best marketing software in the world makes love with sales an integrated CRM is born!  

HubSpot has officially expanded into the sales space by launching it's brand spanking new CRM today.  For those of us held to secrecy as we tested the new tool over the last several weeks it's about time we got to talk about it.  


The idea behind the new technology launch is simple:  Matchmaking between marketing efforts and the sales cycle


Why: It gives sales reps more control as the trusted advisor with purchase decisions


Nobody likes the pushy, uneducated sales person.  In fact, I'm not sure if the prospect who takes the call or the marketer who delivered the lead is more annoyed by poor sales execution.  You can combat this tendency for sales deals to go sideways but connecting your sales rep to the marketing cycle.  By integrating the entire marketing action history right into the CRM your sales team will be better educated on their lead's history and education.  With knowledge comes 


How: If you've used a CRM in the past it's pretty each to find your way around


Basic functions include the ability to manage contacts, accounts, deals, and tasks like you're used to.  Some additional toys include automatic data harvesting, the ability to track every activity for each client including calling direct from the CRM and recording them automaticallly, and click-to-email functionality.  These small enhancments really set this tool apart and allow every step of the sales person's process to be more automated and efficient.  


Where: This is my favorite part!  You don't need another link, another set of credentials, anything new to remember or navigate to.  


Once you've signed up you'll notice a slight change to your marketing dashboard in the upper left corner.


Before CRM you'll see something like this: 

current marketing dashboard


After getting the CRM you'll see this:

new marketing dashboard


Then you'll click and select sales to see this:

crm sales dashboard


It just couldn't be more seamless for you to shift between marketing software to CRM, a truly unique way to manage the handoff from qualified lead to the sales cycle.  


Who:  Whether it's the right solution for you will largely depend on what you have in place already.


As the owner of a small marketing agency I've been waiting for a tool like this for a couple years now.  I've been struggling to manage my sales cycle without an integrated CRM for too long, waiting to make a decision on which technology to invest until I had the resources necessary to do it right.  Now, instead of using a combination of sticky notes, Outlook, and project management software I've been able to manage my sales leads through a technology that's built right into my HubSpot software portal.  

If you have a HubSpot marketing software license their CRM could be an option.  If you don't already have a complex CRM in place it already this solution has to be considered.  It's so intuitive, so efficient, and so ingrained into your current marketing campaign that you shouldn't overlook it.  


When: It's LIVE right now!  Check it out for yourself by clicking the big shiny graphic below or watching the keynote video here.


introducing the hubspot crm