Why Your Business Needs a Sales Proposal Video

sales proposal videos

Let's first start off by saying that the reason to use video content in your sales proposals is very obvious and if it's not obvious to you then it's time for a serious gut check. If you don't get why it is important you are already behind your competition. In a recent article, PandaDoc stated that "clients have seen an 18 percent increase in engagement with proposals that include video. A proposal video can help connect the dots for your prospect with how your organization can fit with theirs. It gives insight into your culture and people that can increase emotional engagement and can be the difference in turning your prospect into a client. 

What Is a Sales Proposal Video?

Sales proposal videos need to give the client valuable context, insight into business processes, and help them understand exactly what it is you are pitching. 

The other day, I was speaking with our Managing Partner, Eric Pratt on this topic and I asked him why he thought sales proposal videos are so valuable and this is what he had to say, 

“Layering video into proposals is a great way to add value to your sales presentation. By integrating a process-explainer or expectation-setter video you’ll differentiate your offering from competitors. You can also support your claims as a salesperson while providing engaging content in the leave behind. Finally, visibility into post-send consumption data helps you gauge interest and set strategic follow up. If you want to increase your win-rates, consider video.”

He hit that nail right on the head! You can use explainer videos to walk through particular parts of the proposal in more detail that will give the prospect a more engaging and easier to understand explanation of the topic, you can create an animated whiteboard video to explain the technical business processes that make your agency great, and you can create fun an engaging personal videos that give you client more insight into what makes your agency tick. 

The value that video can add to your own agency is another big opportunity. Eric mentioned "post-sedn consumption data" which allows you to follow-up more strategically and increase your success. This analytic also help the producers to know what works and what doesn't\ when creating the strategy for the next video.


What Does a Sales Proposal Video Look Like?

Now, let's discuss what should go into a sales proposal video in order to make it effective. Start by review the sales proposal documents, we use PandaDoc to keep things in the digital space, and identify areas that you can replace a big block of text with a  video. For example, we took out a text explanation of the Total Digital Mindset and replaced that section with a 1-minute high-level video that explains everything in a very engaging and connected way. 

How To Create A Sales Proposal Video

Creating the video is the next step. This includes scripting, storyboarding and all of pre and post production steps. It is important to use internal talent rather than actors so that the prospect is hearing the story directly from your team and when applicable from the particular subject matter expert. It is always preferred to use the subject matter expert so that your prospect knows exactly who they will be working with after the contract is signed. For example, we wanted to create a video pertaining to sales enablement so we will use the sales enablement department as talent on camera. 

Customer Testimonial Video in Your Sales Proposal

Another opportunity to use video in your sales proposal is to use testimonials from current clients. Hearing a real testimonial from a peer that is a current client is being a big value add. This is a big advantage in building trust and credibility with your prospects. Many people make decisions based on feeling and instinct before hard facts. Evoking emotion by telling true stories of success with other clients can make a prospect more likely to buy your product or service.  



If you would like to learn more about sales proposal video or video content in general, book a consultation with one of our multimedia experts.