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Your Primer to Hubspot Inbound Rocks Artist: Janelle Monae


denver marketing companyEveryone knows about Hubspot annual marketing conference Inbound and the amazing speaker and sessions that will help agencies, businessesnd individuals learn and master  the art of digital marketing. The chance to hang out in Boston for a week with thousands of like-minded marketers who are hungry to evolve their game is worth the price of admission, but there's an added bonus in the form of Inbound Rocks! This year's musical guest is a personal favorite of mine: Janelle Monae!


Janelle is a Grammy-nominated, soul and R&B singer-songwritercomposer, and record producer, and in an age of hyper-produced pop music, it's refreshing to see and hear a truly talented artist being so successful without bending over backwards to make bubblegum radio songs. Her music blends the best of modern R&B with classic live instrumentation and soul sounds, giving her a funky and vibrant energy that works perfectly with her amazing vocals. If you haven't had a chance to check out her music before, allow me to introduce you!



Sure, a music video is always cool, but what is she like performing live? I got you.



 She's a terrific performer and has the talent to actually sing like the album, which is another rare ability these days. And when you've performed a set at the White House like she has, you gotta deliver plenty of energy and excitement on stage. Want to hear more? Check out this Spotify playlist!



 I hope you're as excited for Inbound Rocks as I am, Janelle is gonna be a highlight of an awesome week. If you haven't bought your tickets to Inbound 2014 yet, you can grab them here! Use the promo code below to get 25% off! Everyone at Revenue River will be there, and we hope you will be too! 


Update: Janelle just released her latest video for her song "Electric Lady." Check it out below!