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Zombies, Drones and Robots

Shitty Content Writer, Denver Marketing, Denver Marketing CompaniesLet me just start off this article by saying that many of you are not going to like what I have to say.  I’m not here to win any fans or attract new leads.  Not with this post anyways.  This post is for me to get a few things off my chest and hopefully shock some of you into realizing a need for change.  So what’s my beef?

Shitty content.

Content writers within our industry have gotten lazy.  They’ve turned into mindless drones churning out regurgitated crap while they tell themselves that because it’s optimized with specific and relevant keywords it’s helping their cause.  It’s not.  Not in my eyes at least.

Sure, some people out there may want to know the ‘5 Tips to Creating This’ or ‘The 4 Ways It Can Help You.’  Those articles might even be helpful for a select few, but what isn’t helpful is the next 3 posts that utilize the exact same points with different wording.  Your current readers will quickly figure out your game plan and lose interest while new readers will become one time customers.

Get off your ass and come up with some good blogging ideas with these tips

This type of writing not only shows a lack of creativity but also a lack of industry knowledge.  If you truly consider yourself an expert within whatever field you’re writing about, you’ll know that most of the people reading your content already know the basics and are looking for new and exciting topics.  You’ll know that they want detailed how-to’s, in-depth analysis of current trends and breaking news on the latest happenings.  The internet is filled with people who have specific questions, problems and concerns that require detailed answers.  They could give a rat’s ass about your newest article on ‘The 5 Reasons Inbound Marketing is Awesome’ and would rather you focus on their topics of concern instead on posting generic arguments and sweeping statements.

I’ll admit it, I’ve been guilty of this mediocre writing in the past.  I had fallen victim to the plague that is generic content writing and have felt at times like a zombie in front of my computer screen (best to stay away from Nathan Miller and his zombie apocalypse-prepared ass).  Hell, I may still be doing it.  But no more!  2014 is a new year and it needs to bring with it a new understanding of what “good” content really is.  I’ll be asking myself “would I read this?” before posting new blogs from now on, it’s just what has to happen.

The question I have for you is this: will you join me in my efforts?  Will you stop hurting your reputation and those of all the other content writers out there by spending that extra bit of time to create topics and articles worth reading and sharing?  Break the bonds of monotonous articles!  Fight back against the virus that is generic writing!  It’s time to show the world the kind of writing you’re capable of.


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