3 Steps to the Perfect Video Script

how the heck to i write a script??

So, you want to make a marketing video but you don't know where to start when it comes to developing a good script that will help create a more effective piece of content. There is a lot weighing on the script development when it comes to how your video will perform once it is implemented into your marketing strategy.

The goal of using video marketing concepts is always to tell a story, whether that story is about a product or services, about a process or system, or about a company itself. That story needs to be put down on paper before the video process can begin. You may have already known that but what you didn't know is that you are only three easy steps away from creating that perfect script. 

Step 1 - Creative Brief / Script Outline

The first step in the script development process starts with conceptualizing the idea for the video. This includes what the goal of the video is, what you want it to look like, and an overview of the story that you want to tell. 

The creative brief is the story overview. it is not meant to be a rough draft of the script. It is simply a brief one paragraph story synopsis to build from in your Script Outline. This is when you will do your research to determine your target audience and who you are specifically trying to engage with your content.

The script outline will include the rough draft of your script based on the outline elements (I.E. beginning, middle, end.) You will add design and edit notes in the outline, below the script write-up, for each part of your script. This is the part of the process that you build the narrative and creative direction for the project.  

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Step 2 - Rough Narrative Draft

Once you have solidified your script outline you will put the script together in a rough draft of the narrative. Remeber to write as if you are speaking the script. Remembering the there needs to be a story attached to the script that you are writing in order to create the right context. simply sharing stats and features/benefits does not make for a compelling script. This is why the script outline is such an important first step. 

Use the narrative outline to build your story and add the stats and features/benefits that you would like to promote into that storyline to build more engagement. Start off with an emotional intro that will get your audience engaged from the get-go. This can be introduced through with compelling story, an interesting statistic or even a new perspective. You are trying to give your audience a reason for caring about the subject right away. 

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Step 3 - Final Draft with Timing Notations.

Now that you have your script drafted and everything feels perfect it's time to put into in the right format for the voiceover or video shoot. You will want to read it to yourself numerous times in order to time the script just how you want it to be read. You will break the script down into parts so that you can label it with timing notations and scene numbers. This will help the actor read the script with the timing you want for the edit.  


  • Make sure to make a note for tone of voice and pace of reading when you are working with a voice actor for a voiceover
  • When performing on interview shoot, be sure to describe the tone of voice that the interviewer needs to have in the script outline.
  • Make sure that you are writing to your specific target audience by researching what will create more engagement with them.

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