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3 Things Our Marketing Website Can Do That Yours Can't


Websites today can perform a lot of valuable functions, you can add nearly any feature or tool imaginable and the technology is only getting better.  Has your website evolved with the changing times and technologies?  Our website has, we're currently displaying version 9 of the Revenue River Marketing website.  



We haven't retooled and redeveloped our site so many times without reason, we've pushed really hard to implement the latest technologies.  We've pushed so hard to update our site because we're fully aware of the value these updates present.  We've updated our site to enhance it's marketing capabilities because we realize that with improvements comes performance, and that means the generation of fresh leads.  

The latest version of our website has been our greatest leap forward, in late 2013 we launched a completely redesigned website developed in HubSpot's COS.  We built our site in this brand spankin' new technology because it allowed us to do things our old site couldn't do.  


Our Website Responds To The Device Viewing It 


If your website isn't repositioning and resizing to each viewing device it simply isn't built for modern times.  Roughly 40% of all website views are from smart phones and other mobile devices, your target audience is increasingly looking for information from different devices.  The rise of tablets has given website visitors even more ways to search your site for information and resources, but your website has to present well in order to be effective.  

Less and less people are viewing your website from their PC, so why does your website only format correctly on that format?  The answer is your website is out of date, and you're missing out on valuable lead conversions every day you leave it as it is.  


Our Website Is Intelligent, It Speaks To Each Visitor Directly


When was the last time you landed on a website looking for something and couldn't find it?  Happens all the time, many websites simply aren't built to speak directly to their individual buyer personas.  They data dump on their visitors, throwing everything against the wall and talking to everyone all at once.  What if your website could speak to people based on who they were?




What if your could build your website with personalized messages that prompted your visitors to take the next step, understanding exactly what steps that visitor had already taken?





Our Website Is So Easy To Update We Don't Need A Web Team


Web edits are also a snap, we can edit any page with a click of a button.  Once inside the visual editor we can make our edits while viewing the changes in preview mode on the same screen, and the changes are reflected instantly.  




It's So Easy, Even A Cave Man Can Do It


With a website platform this powerful as ours you can't help but grow your business.  You can manage your marketing efforts without help, your site will speak to directly to your visitors regardless of their viewing device, and you can convert them into leads.  If your website doesn't do any of these great marketing actions you might want to consider investing in some new toys.  Your website can do these things if you build your website in the new HubSpot COS like we did, and we can help you get it done.

If you're ready to consider making a bold move into the world of modern marketing with a COS website design we invite you to learn more.  Just click below to get started.