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3 Web Development Tips You Don't Want To Miss

 If you're planning to redesign your website you must have a reason.  Why take the time, spend the money, and make the plans without end in mind results?  If you're looking to drive better results you're likely considering one or all of the big three.


  1. Rank better on search engines
  2. Improve your digital presence
  3. Capture more leads


If these are your goals you should carefully consider your strategy before hiring a Denver web development firm to build your website.  You'll want to make sure whomever you select as a vendor has the same end in mind as you do, and that they have an obvious grasp of the key components necessary to achieve your goals. 


So where do you start?  3 Tips To Ensuring Your Website Turns Out Great



First Tip:  Designate Pages For Specific Optimization Purposes


You need to start with your keyword strategy, not end with it.  Your keyword research should be complete before you even consult a designer, understand what word sets you're trying to compete for and how they fit with your services.  From there, you need to spend some time laying out your website navigation in outline form.  Make sure you consider which pages fit with which keywords. 

Scope 2 or 3 keywords per page, ensuring that you have enough rich content to support and compliment the selected keywords.  Ideally you'll end up with a list of pages to design that support your keyword strateg, this will give you a handy guide for ongoing optimization and content creation.

Hint: when you write blog articles in support of your keyword strategy make sure you include a hyper link to the page you want the credit to go to.


Second Tip:  Find Design Inspiration From The Best In The World


The fact is that much of this has been done before.  There are millions of websites in the world and some of them are very good.  Many of the best were created with much larger budgets and much more market research than you're budgeting for your own site.  The lesson here is that this is opportunity, and you should take advantage.  Spend a couple hours surfing the web, consider yourself a design consumer instead of a products & services consumer. 

When you find a site you like, save the link and jot down some notes.  What do you like about the site?  Consider these components in your note taking:  banner, services callouts, content area, resources such as articles and offers, graphics, and illustrations.  What makes one site stand out from another?  Do they have a fantastic graphic presentation or did they use stock imagery?  How do they use colors and breaks in design to divide up content and make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for?


Third Tip:  Include Offers With Conversion Paths To Turn Traffic Into Leads


You have to have a mechanism to convert the traffic you're trying to attract.  There is little value in building traffic and search engine rank if you don't give them the opportunity to convert. Every page of your website should contain at least one offer and it should be positioned near the top of the page. 

People come to your website for a reason, they're looking for something.  They want information to make their decision, help them understand why they need services like yours, what your services can do for them, and how to implement your solutions with ease.  If you can accomplish these initiatives while harvesting their contact information in return you'll be setup to scoop up valuable leads at all stages of the sales funnel.

Hint: The form on your contact page is not a relevant conversion form, you'll likely capture less than 1% of your traffic is this is your only conversion path


There Are A Lot Of Great Websites That Never Get Found, And A Lot Of Bad Websites That Get Found But Produce Nothing


If you want your website to be found, be worth finding, and convert those who find you it's important to keep these tips in mind.  Don't jump into a creative session without clearly stating your goals.  Don't get caught up in unnecessary bells and whistles and miss the critical elements. 

Start with your goals before you outline your plans and you'll be on your way to success.  Then hire a Denver web development company properly equipped to help you implement your plans and you'll be even closer to achieving your goals.  If you want to ensure your goals are reached, hire a web development company like ours that can design your website and then manage an integrated inbound marketing campaign to help it develop and grow over time.



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