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The world has gone insane - Marketing Kindness

It seems the whole damn world has gone insane.  School shootings like Sandy Hook and Columbine, bombings like today in Boston, the Aurora theatre shooting here in Colorado.  marketing firms DenverWhat the hell is wrong with people??  Trying to figure out what goes on in the mind of the insane as they have literally no regard for human life and the innocent is really hard to do.  It's not rational, there is no logic, there is no compassion.  How very, very sad.

My heart goes out to everyone today in Boston, my friends at HubSpot must have had a horrible day at work today.  How can you possibly focus on inbound marketing when you're fearful for your life and the well being of your friends and family?

My heart is heavy and I don't much feel like dropping online marketing wisdom, I just feel like marketing sanity and kindness.  Kindness beats evil in every category.  It brings happiness, joy, love, and compassion.  Kill your friends with kindness.  Kill your enemies with kindness.  Touch people you don't even know with kindness.  Do something to balance the scales, I feel like we all just need to remind our loved ones how much we care about them, extend a hand to someone in need, and practice a random act, or two.

7 Ways to Market Kindness Today!

  1. Pause to hold a door for someone and tell them to have a great day
  2. Buy the person behind you a coffee, just put another $5 on your tab and tell your cashier to gift it
  3. Pray for our nation's sick and disturbed that they'll get help soon
  4. Give the gift of chocolate or flowers, everyone deserves a gift
  5. Buy lunch for your employees, it's a small perk for them driving to work
  6. Squeeze your children extra tight, tell them how much you love and appreciate them
  7. The next time someone sneezes, tell them God Bless you.  Don't shorten it, it means more

If you find yourself short of temper, too caught up in your job or having conflicts with others maybe just take a minute.  Take a walk around the block or count to 52.  Think about all of those who have lost their life for no rational reason and realize how great we all have it in the wonderful country.  We're so lucky, life is so precious and so fragile.  Everyone live and let live and treat each other a little better tomorrow...  maybe we can all help market kindness.

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