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What is Metadata & Why is it Essential for SEO?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is an essential component of every inboundDenver SEO
marketing campaign. If you're just joining us, inbound marketing is the way in which we drive traffic to your website and blog, and from there, convert them into leads and eventually customers. There are a number of onsite optimization pieces that are sometimes overlooked. When creating a Denver SEO campaign, make sure to double check you're website metadata for every page, driving the right traffic to your site. 

What is metadata?

The term metadata is defined simply as "data about data". It consists of a number of different components including meta titles, meta description, and meta keywords. that all go on each page of your website, including blog articles to define for search engines what that specific page is about. 


Why is it important?

Metadata gives search engines crawling the your website specific keywords and phrases that describe what is on that page. This allows Google and Bing to determine relevancy of your web pages and website for certain search terms.  Thus, improving your search engine marketing traffic and rankings. 


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