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Does Your Site Have These 6 Important Web Design Elements?

Denver web designEvery business knows the importance of having a great website, but are you taking advantage of all the new elements that all the best sites have? If not, you're missing out on huge opportunities to find new customers and build loyalty with existing ones. Years ago, great Denver web design simply directed you to a brick-and-mortar store and gave you contact information. Now people will hardly bother with sites that don't include many of these elements. Don't let your business get ignored, work towards adding some of these areas to your website!


1. A clear and concise home page. It's amazing to me how overwhelming the homepages of some websites are! Yes, you have lots of great content and services you want to present right away, but sloppy, cluttered design will not help you convert visitors into customers. Your home page should immediately explain who you are, what kind of business you have, and what goods or services you are offering. You have basically unlimited pages you can make to showcase other features, so don't force everything onto the homepage and confuse people about your main message.


2. Strong branding. A great logo is hard to come by, but it is such an important part of setting you apart from the competition, especially online. Things like the font and color of your business name and tagline can immediately make an impression on visitors to your website and convey exactly who you are, what you do, and why you are credible. Fresh design and branding is one of the fastest ways to bring energy and accessibility to aging web design


3. Simple navigation. Even if people are very interested in your business and brand, they aren't going to be willing to dig through pages and pages of content trying to find what they are there for. You need navigation menus that are easy to use and understand and help direct people quickly around the site. You need an "About" page to explain you, your staff, your corporate history. Maybe you need a couple pages describing different services. Whatever industry you are in or products you have to offer, you can organize your site in a way that catches people's attention and funnels them exactly where they want to be.


4. Real, interesting, content. Adding content like blog posts and ebooks to your site accomplishes two major goals for your business. First, they can establish you as a credible expert in your field, helping people trust you and your company and encourage them to return for more information, or maybe fill out a form or shoot you an email. Second, adding pages through blog posts and optimizing them with keywords and metadata helps your efforts in search engine optimization, making you easier to find online for potential customers. Writing content that is both informative and easy to read is a must, because people don't want to spend an hour reading a blog post, but something that is around 600 words is long enough to share some real knowledge, but also a quick read. Denver web design


5. Social media connections. Is your business on Facebook? How about Twitter? Are you connecting with other experts in your industry through LinkedIn? If not, you really need to start leveraging these sites to educate and inform your existing and potential customers about your business and services. Go where the people are. Right now people are discussing your industry, products, or business itself on social media sites. Not everything they might be saying is nice. You need to be a part of that conversation and help guide it proactively, not react to bad reviews after the fact. But not every social media site is right for your business, so make sure you target the right areas.


6. A powerful call to action. Are you getting lots of traffic to your site, but not many calls, emails, or walk-ins looking to buy? You need to improve your conversion rate by calling people to action. An easy way to do this is by offering some free product, service, or content like an ebook. People click the offer, go to a landing page, and give you their information in exchange for whatever you are offering them. It's a win-win for both sides; since you get their information and can careful cultivate that relationship through future content and offers until they are ready to become a customer.


When your website can leverage the power of all six of these elements, you have a timeless and proven framework for online success. Your website will attract customers through great design and aggressive search engine optimization, clearly explain your business and services when they get there, and cultivate existing or potential leads with content, social media, and calls to action.

Denver web design firms like Revenue River utilize these same tools every day to improve existing web pages, build new ones from the ground up, and overall find ways to reposition your business and brand online. Web design can be a confusing, frustrating, and expensive undertaking when not handled right, so if you are tired of dealing with outdated design and unresponsive support, contact Revenue River to see how our inbound marketing techniques can revolutionize your web design and raise the flow of profits to your business!



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