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Understanding How Keyword Strategy Influences Your Web Design

Denver web design

When I used to see advertisements around town for Denver web design and Denver web development companies, I would picture fat and geeky IT guys aggressively typing foreign-looking code on their keyboards. I imagined these nerds working late into the night and doing things that the average person isn’t mentally capable of. It turns out, however, that could not have been further from reality.

The fact is everyone is capable of learning how to create an effective website that generates increased traffic, but more importantly, generates quality traffic. It doesn’t matter if a million people stumble upon your website every day unless it’s the right million people. That is why it is vital to understand your target audience.

Understanding your customer is key to being able to effectively communicate with them. This is why you want to be able to fit your potential customers into predesigned categories of buyer personas. This organization method is going to allow you to customize ads, fliers, emails and the like to the specific demographic you are trying to reach. Your speech patterns should mirror that of the target. This can be customized geographically to mimic local word usage. For example: soda verse pop, clothes verse threads, shoes verse kicks. You get the idea… Simply put, you want to speak to your potential customer exactly as they would speak to you.

While knowing and understanding your customer base is very important, it is not the only rung in the ladder. You should also understand how search engines work. Before setting out to design and build your site, you will want to research SEO, search engine optimization, but I will clue you in to the basics in the meantime.

Much like how it is important to understand how your target audience thinks, it is equally important to understand how search engines think. You can have all the information in the world on your website, but if it isn’t presented in a way that maximizes the search engine’s ability to understand it, then your whole site could be worthless. Here are a couple quick rules of thumb to help you in your planning.



First, keywords are key!… Word? These key terms or phrases will help optimize your page for the proper searches. Keywords should be focused on your topic but not overly specific. Again, coming up in as many search results as possible is good, but it’s not the goal. The idea is to highlight your page after the right search.

Next, once you have chosen a few keywords for your page, the goal is to implement them in the title and body of your page. The trick is learning how to do it so the text reads naturally and doesn’t feel forced. It is the mastering of those tricks that truly allow the staff at Revenue River Marketing to set the standard in Denver web design.

As when starting any major project, the details of web design and development can seem daunting at first, but fear not. If you begin the process with a clear idea of who you are trying to reach, it will be much easier to figure out how to reach them.