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What Your SEO Company Isn't Telling You

Even cute kittens know how to optimize a blog post. Search Engine Optimization is by no means a new form of driving traffic to your website. Becoming a tool for businesses to increase search engine ranking for their keywords, SEO was introduced in the late 1990’s and Google was founded and evolved it soon after. By 2005, Google started to personalize search for each user, which made it even that much more attractive for all-sized businesses.

When Revenue River Marketing was first conceived, we started to work with a Denver SEO Company on optimizing a few websites. As our agency grew and built more websites, we had more business owners who wanted to invest in driving more traffic to their new websites. We, in turn, worked closely with our SEO companydoing on-going monthly optimization for each of these sites. After a few months, the traffic began to increase and ranking for keywords got better. Overall, we reached and exceeded our goals with the expertise of our SEO company.

Everyone was happy, happy, happy, and the members of our SEO company became good friends of our agency and still are to this day. “White Hat” SEO services are the act of professional, stand-up services that never bend or break the rules. It was important for us and our clients to rank organically as opposed to more of the black hat practices which help you rank quickly, but the potential of getting blacklisted. We knew it would take time to rank so we waited, and waited, and waited. Yes, our client’s keyword ranking would climb a few spaces, sometimes a few pages. Yes, our client’s traffic increased with each new keyword-driven page we create or blog article we wrote and optimized. That was the extent of it. Every month the report and conversation was the same.

The SEO services we had invested so heavily in had peaked. We had already determined that basic SEO services just wouldn’t cut it anymore, and a company couldn’t give us the results that we truly wanted for ourselves and for our clients. We were constantly challenging our SEO partner to help us track conversions for an ecommerce web client. We wanted new leads to a number of our B2B client websites and we just weren’t seeing them. What our SEO company wasn’t telling us is what they didn’t know; search engine optimization is useless if it doesn’t produce leads.

We began working with the inbound marketing software on the market that, from the get-go, provided more detailed analytics on everything from current rank to monthly searches to new keyword ranking opportunities than anything we’d seen before. Within a matter of days, we developed and deployed SEO campaigns for ourselves and each of our clients.

The reporting is integrated with all of our new page we create and our blog post. By placing a small amount of tracking code on your website, we’re able to provide lead intelligence that would blow your mind. We know specific dates, times and pages viewed by potential client and consumers as well as emails opened, clicked, or bounced. I can tell who's reading this right now, just playing, but seriously (Ben Stiller reference).  

The proof is in the pudding, but inbound marketing isn’t for everyone. Let me show you how we do SEO at Rev Riv, and you can decide for yourself.