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Internet Marketing in a Digital Age

Denver digital marketingLet me paint you a picture. You own a small business, and a few years back you experienced the explosion of the internet and realized you needed a digital presence, so you had your daughter throw together a shoddy Facebook profile that had the basics: your company’s name, address, phone number. You were satisfied with how it turned out, so for the most part, you have just let it be. After all, you made a company profile. You have a successful web presence now, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, time has passed, and you have become outdated again, severely.

Do not fear, however, for I am here to help. I am going to tell you what you need to do to start making your web presence work for you. Once we are finished, you will be interacting with your ideal customers through exciting social media posts, thoughtful blog articles, and targeted emails.

1)      Don’t Underestimate The Power of A Great Facebook Page

Remember, your digital marketing effort is only affective if someone actually sees it. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a stagnant Facebook page gathers no Likes, so you better start posting! Unless you have already built a reputation as a regular contributor, the chance of someone just stumbling across your Facebook or Linked In pages is very rare. You need to get in the habit of posting a few times a week, so people will know to expect your additions. Don’t worry; it doesn’t all have to be your own material. It’s actually better to have a wide variety of posts. Text, some short, some long. Pictures that are related, funny, or spectacular. Interesting articles that pertain to your business. The whole idea is to provide a range of input that people find entertaining. And when they view it through your digital interface, they are interacting positively with your company.

2)      Tell Your Story Through A Blog Post

It can be difficult to really get a message across in a single Facebook post. It’s even harder in 140 characters. People don’t really want to read much when browsing through social media. They want to see pretty pictures or ridiculous videos or quirky short statements about why traffic in this city is the absolute worst in the world.

This does not mean that the world doesn’t have readers anymore. They just prefer that I don’t store my newspaper cutouts next to my copies of War and Peace. In other words, they prefer that long form content stay in its proper area, and you should agree. The goal is to have your audience be as receptive as possible to your argument, so why not present that argument in the way they want to hear it.

A thoughtful blog article will give your business the opportunity to paint the right picture. You now have the freedom to elaborate and back up your arguments. You can tell the world exactly why your company is so good at what they do (and you can show them at the same time by adding in a photo.) You should be careful though because you don’t want to go into this lightly. You want to have a very clear and simple message that will only help your business. 60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to your salesperson. That means the majority of the cycle is completed by the time you meet the buyer, so you want to be confident that the content he was able to find, i.e. your blog posts and social sites, is top notch. If the content of your message isn’t quality, all hope is lost.

3)      Finish Them Off With A Well Targeted Email

So your Facebook is updated and personalized. You have been posting and incorporating different types of media. You have been writing interesting posts regularly and established a solid web presence. Excellent! Now it’s time to put your business over the top. I’m assuming that if you have done these steps, you have also gained some email addresses along the way. Those things can be useful for other things than just filled on a business card. You can use these emails to help direct specific and targeted email ads to certain populations of your audience.

Perhaps you conjured up a mother and daughters night at your local café, and so you send an email to all the women on your list. Maybe you target only the residents of one town for a special sale at a specific branch. Maybe you are throwing a party and just want to invite everyone! No matter what the demographic, being able to cater to them individually will increase your chances at a positive reception.


Well done! You have done it. You now have an updated and diverse web presence. You are an internet marketing ninja, and you have all of your bases covered. Keep it up, and the only other step is for you to prepare for the extra business generated from all this online publicity.