Clean Up the Mess Your SEO “Expert” Left You Part 1: Social Profiles

Clean Up Your Social ProfileMany business owners have made a decision or two that they may not be proud of. One of these decisions is in choosing your SEO Company. Many of these companies claim to be “experts,” but in the end they could do some damage to your online marketing campaign.  Throughout this 5 part series, I will talk about the importance of cleaning up your search engine optimization in order to be more effective, as well as tips to fixing the problems that may have been left behind.

In this first part of the series, I would like to talk about the benefit of having a good, clean social profile, as well as how to find and repurpose old social profiles for the benefit of your search campaign.

Social Media

Many people have been lead to believe that social media does not affect your search efforts, but this is absolutely untrue. It may not be a direct way to boost rankings, but it may boost your rankings indirectly. For example, good social media will bring traffic to your website; traffic to your website has the potential to boost your rankings.

In many cases, your old SEO Company may have created extra, unknown social profiles on other websites, but either did it in an unethical way by spam, or they created the profile, but failed to claim or stay active on the profile. If these profiles are dull, incomplete, spammy, or inactive, you could be losing valuable traffic to your site.

Finding Extra Profiles

The first step to cleaning up extra social profiles is to make sure you find all of them. In order to do this, you can always to a Google Search for your business name and social profiles will more than likely propagate in the results, but for better results, I like to use Follow to the steps below to learn how to effectively use this tool.

  1. Visit
  2. Type your company name into the “type username here”
  3. Once you enter your company name, results will begin to show. If a box is highlighted in red with a red “X,” that means that a username similar to your company exists on that website.namechk_results
  4. You will then want to check each of the profiles by right clicking to open the profile in a new tab. This will allow you to see if the profile that exists in relating to your company or not.
  5. If it is relating to your company, you need to make sure you claim and repurpose these profiles for maximum SEO benefit.

How to Repurpose Them

You have found all the excess profiles your old company left behind, now you will want to repurpose them to make them an effective marketing tactic that could potential boost your SEO.

  1. You will want to start by claiming each and every profile that you found.
  2. Once you have claimed these profiles, it is time to update them. Depending on how long it has been since your last SEO Company, the profile probably has incorrect information about your business, so keep it up to date.
  3. Write a great enticing description that will bring your personas to your website.
  4. Add some great pictures that relate to your company.
  5. Create some social interaction with these profiles, either by posting new updates about the company, or making new acquaintances by following new people and companies.

You may not think so now, but creating a good social presence is important to your SEO and will indirectly affect your rankings, so remember to find extra profiles and optimize them for SEO success.