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SEO services DenverWhat good is your website without traffic? 

What good are your fantastic services if no one searching for them can find you? 

Why spend time researching your keywords if you're not going to execute a marketing plan around them? 


All stupid questions really, none of these accomplishments mean a damn thing without proper execution of search engine optimization strategy. 

A critical part of your overall seo strategy is how you optimize your existing website.  This is a foundational piece to your strategy and must be implemented carefully in order to maximize results.  Because of the importance and difficulty of this process I've built:


Your very own website optimization checklist


Once you have your keyword list in place its time to mix them throughout your site.  If you haven't already done your keyword research check out our previous blog articles. 


Creating effective page titles


The most important element of any web page in Google's eyes is the Page Title (also called meta data).  This is what shows up at the top of the browser window.  It's also used for the text link on search results page.  What this means is you need to spend some time and energy developing effective titles with your keywords. 

Hint:  Don't stop with the homepage only, check your analytics and improve the titles on other pages with good traffic too. 


Building powerful meta descriptions


Much like your page title, your meta description describes what you page is about.  The description can be in the form of an entire sentence however, and is included beneath text link on results pages.  It's less important for optimization but it does 'sell' your page for browsers so make it compelling and keep it under 154 characters.

Hint:  Google will bold the keyword in your title and description so including one makes your link more likely to be clicked on.


Injecting keywords into page content


There are three important elements that need to be included in the page body of your website, not just a bunch of words rambling about the history of your company.  While we're on it, try to blend a few of your keywords into that great history, and bold them so Bing & friends finds them. 

More important are your Headings.  Headings are like newspaper titles, use your keywords in column headings to organize your content and help the Yahoo's of the world figure out what your page is all about. 

Finally, every page on your site should have an image or two.  Images are great, and many of your images may have text in them that's relevant.  Beware, the search engines can't read image text!  The solution is tag your images (Alt Tag), labeling each image with a relevant keyword to once again tell the engines what you're pag is about. 

Hint:  If you want to see if your text can be read, try to highlight it with your mouse.  If you can't, they can't either.


The blog


Every blog post you publish is a new indexed page on your website.  Posting expert articles where you discuss trends in your industry, how to take advantage of your services, and why people should take important steps in the process are just some examples of what to blog about.  Need more help, subscribe to our inbound marketing blog.


Gaining inbound links


With your website optimized as instructed above now you should try to really power it up with some inbound links.  Inbound links are links on other websites that lead back to your site.  The better the website linking to you the more valuable the link is, building these links may require the help of a SEO services provider

One way to get inbound links you should do some research and identify the top 10-20 websites in your industry (not your competitors).  Write up an email and ask them if they'd be willing to let you write a guest blog post.  You can also offer to exchange links, providing one on your site back to them. 

Perhaps the best way to get inbound links is to roll up your sleeves and write some spectacular content.  If you can write great posts that provide value to others you'll most likely pick up links.  The better you do, the more you'll get, the more your site will rise in the rankings. If you need help consult our SEO services Denver specialists, we love to talk strategy and will evaluate your website for free.

I hope you found these tips useful, if you did please share this article and leave us a friendly comment. We'd love to hear from you, really!


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