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How to Build a Holistic Marketing Strategy


What is holistic marketing?

Holistic marketing is an interconnected approach that brings different teams together, driving a cohesive business strategy across the board.

 Each department is a piece of a puzzle that makes the business work as a whole and while we understand the importance of our marketing role, it’s our job to take a step back and think big picture. We have to ask ourselves- how do these two pieces work together? How can I connect my marketing strategy to sales? How about design? It’s time to zoom out of our microscopes and stop being so narrow-minded. We’re so focused on marketing that we sometimes forget how other parts of the business work. Sure, blogs are great. So are emails and forms, but how do they relate to the rest? The last thing you want is for your customers to think your marketing is siloed from the rest of the business. Here’s a deep dive on how holistic marketing can help grow your business.

How does it apply to different departments?

Okay now that you know what we’ve covered what holistic marketing is, let’s break it down. Here are three parts of the business you need to think about when working on holistic marketing: sales, design, and user experience. 

Here’s why these matter:

  1. Sales- the most important part of a business. Everything that we do in marketing has one purpose- to sell a product. Each piece of content we produce is meant to educate the audience so that they have all of the information needed to make a purchasing decision. In order to build effective marketing content that sells, we need to align with the sales team to identify gaps in the sales process. Your team can benefit from sales collateral that equips them with the right tool. You might also want to consider how your form system relates to the sales process. Are you collecting the right information on your site? How does that information help the sales team? Having a cohesive marketing and sales strategy can improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 
  2. Design- marketing is made up of content creation, strategy and analysis. However, when we’re in the midst of creating content, we sometimes get so caught up on delivering the right message that we don’t take a step back to think about its visual display. For example: let’s say you have a long list of data that you want to collect from folks that can help build a targeted campaign, do you think about how a long form will display on the site? What about website and email content? The message itself is important but how we display that message matters as well. We build a brand to create a digital imprint and when you’re trying to stand out from competitors it’s important to be consistent. Let’s not forget that a lot of words can be overwhelming! Breaking things up and keeping in mind the visual aspect of an asset can not only change the way your customers take in your content but also build your brand identity and improve your user experience. 
  3. User Experience- What are folks seeing when they get to your site? Readers take in more content when it’s beautifully designed versus plain content that’s hard to digest. When you’re in the process of building out your marketing strategy, think about how you want your audience to interpret your content. Make sure your site is easy to navigate so that your readers get the information they need instead of having to dig through your site. 

Now that you know the importance of having a holistic marketing approach and how it can help drive revenue, you can work on building out an aligned marketing strategy. Having these different pieces in mind during the “build” stage helps create a strong foundation for your business. If you’re using a system like HubSpot, you’re equipped with the tools you need to tackle your plan. Check out how you can use properties, workflows and smart content to incorporate different parts of your business in your marketing plan.


Want to learn how you can use holistic marketing to grow your business? Click on the link below to get started!