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How To Drive More Web Traffic With Content Marketing

Denver content marketingIf you're not trying to grow your web traffic in 2014 there is something wrong with you.  Get your head checked, do a clense, something.  You're out of your damn mind if you don't see value in having an online marketing presence and it all starts with getting eyeballs on your website. 

Assuming your website has been built with lead generation in mind and you're prepared to scoop those visitors up in the form of leads when they find what they're looking for it becomes a game of driving more traffic.

You should be trying to drive traffic through all kinds of different sources including your social media, your blog, and search engines.  You may want to sprinkle in some pay per click (PPC) advertising also, as well as using email and traditional advertising efforts to get people to your site.

Traffic  -->  Leads  -->  Prospects  -->  Customers


It's really that simple, by driving relevant traffic you'll create leads.  By proper nurturing and qualification you'll turn them into prospects and assuming you have some ability to sell your services you'll be adding new customers due to your efforts.

Here's a hint:  It all starts with really good content marketing!

One of the best ways you can increase your search engine rankings is by continually adding fresh and relevant content. Google loves fresh content, simply building a website one time and letting it sit unattended is a recipe to waste your money. You have to work your website hard, adding new pages about the services you really want people to discover.

There is not a more effective tactic of increasing your content and number of pages on your website than your blog. If you don’t have a blog, you’ve messed up along the way and need to remedy that mistake immediately. Get your web designer to integrate a blog on your site immediately, it shouldn’t cost much and there should be several options depending on how your site was built.

A blog has value because it lets your add new content quickly and efficiently, without the need for new page design and custom coding. This means it’s cheap and easy, meaning everyone from your secretary to your intern can contribute on a regular basis. We suggest you put together a content plan that’s achievable and that involves as many people in your organization as possible, by requiring four different employees to each post one article per week you’ll soon easily generate content quickly enough to show results.

We’ve written many articles and a great eBook on The Art & Science of Blogging that will help you navigate the waters of blogging, if you haven’t downloaded this you should, it’s free and it's a complete instructional on how to write optimized blog posts as a great source of useful and helpful content.

The problem we see all the time is that companies with a blog are afraid to actually write. They’re scared that they’re going to sound stupid or won’t look credible. They’re scared they’re going to be criticized or that something they write will be used against them in a court of law or the court of consumer opinion. Many are reluctant to share their secret inside information or intellectual property, fearing their competition will swoop in and profit from the new found information they broadcast on the internet.

These fears are completely ridiculous, we want you to bring yourself to understand the value of content marketing far outweighs any possible negatives. If you’re really concerned make sure someone in your office is assigned to reviewing & editing the content you’re producing before it goes live.

Personally, we believe in the law of plenty and that by sharing what we know with others we’ll get ours back on the other side and by sharing information of value you’ll be more likely to choose someone like us to help you than someone shielding their knowledge and avoiding the risk. Content marketing is full of risks and reward so let’s get in the sandbox and play for a bit, what’s the worst that can happen?


Bonus Tip: Put together an editorial calendar for your blog to help organize the creation and release of your articles. Make sure you’re publishing at least one article per week, posting 3-4 times ideally.


If you think your business might be able to drive more traffic to your website by leveraging fresh content we'd like to help you get there.  As a Denver content marketing firm we have a lot of experience increasing web traffic and search engine rankings with good quality writing.  We can show you how to get off the ground and start writing yourself.  As a next step I'd like to recommend the following free eBook:


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