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SEO Tips Every Startup Company Should Know

Startup Company SEOMarketing a startup can be a very tricky game this day and age. Nine years ago, marketing used to be simple; SEO had a completely different strategy. It was very easy to sneak past the search engines and get yourself to number 1. Now, it is important that you always have a fresh strategy when it comes to SEO. Google’s algorithm changes very frequently and can be hard to stay on top of. Throughout this post, I will talk about some must-dos in order to succeed at SEO for your startup company. 

1. Research Keyword Strategy

All SEO research starts with target keywords. Based on your persona and analysis of current and recent trends, you can easily determine the keywords that have the most impact. You may have to spend 4 or 5 hours conducting this research, but by using Google Adwords, you can get your keyword strategy down. During this process, remember that you are trying to get your target market interested in your content and services, so keep them in mind while this research is being conducted.

2. Website MUST Be Mobile Friendly

Google has added a new change in their algorithm that came into effect on April 21st, 2015. Among many other SEO ranking factors, they now also look at how your site is displayed on mobile devices to determine where you will rank in mobile search results. This new feature will be very friendly to consumers, but not so friendly to those websites that are not mobile-friendly. With 48% of users starting their mobile searches on search engines, a company cannot afford to lose that traffic because of this update. If you have a website that is not mobile friendly, call a developer right away and get them to help you out. If you are not positive if your website is mobile friendly, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool on all of your pages.

3. Try to Create Relevant Infographics

Throughout the last couple of years, Infographics have made up a lot of the content that has been shared through social media. This is because you have both a graphical and text-based element that catches the reader’s eye and can be interactive. If this piece of content is good and relevant, your readers will share on their social media channels.

4. DO Use Social Media Channels

SEO is a powerful marketing tactic on its own, but it is extremely important to remember that social media should be incorporated in every SEO campaign to ensure maximum Internet success and SEO exposure. There are many different reasons as to why social media is good for these types of campaigns. For example, it is a great new form of building links back to your site among many other reasons. You will create original, relevant content, like Infographics, and if the user responds well, you could get a link on another person’s website because they liked your content so much and want to make sure you get recognized.

5. Modern Day Link Building

Link building is the process of getting people to link to your website from their website to gain authority and rank. Link building has changed a lot due to the recent Penguin Updates. Google Penguin is an algorithm update that is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of website’s rankings due to a large number of low authoritative, spammy links. These spammy links included link schemes, large-scale guest blogging, and press releases with highly optimized anchor text. None of these tactics work to your advantage now, it is all about being ethical and using existing relationships and shared relevant content to build links naturally.

6. Content MUST Stay Relevant

Because of the Panda Algorithm, having to do with content, it is important that your content stays quality and relevant. Make sure to be focusing on a particular niche, and then write about everything that topic covers to build you up as an industry leader. Creating content is how you will attract new customers and users, so make sure your site does not decline. This also feeds into my earlier thought about building links with good content. Both of these aspects are very important for the site.

7. Analytics are Very Important

By keeping an eye on your analytics you know of the page’s successes and failures, so you can maximize effectiveness by fixing or improving you strategy. Successes allow you to celebrate and failures allow you to improve your site, so it can be successful. At the beginning of this process, try and set a goal and then track that goal using analytics to see how effective your strategy has been along the way and what could be improved in the future.

As we have seen above, it can be a lengthy process trying to get and keep an SEO strategy good and relevant. If you ensure that you are always refreshing your content and strategy frequently, you will succeed. When you begin this process, remember to not get distraught, because it takes a long time for to see improvement, especially with startup companies. As a rule of thumb, I would give it at least 4 months to see real measurable results.

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