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The 5 Steps to building a great SEO Campaign

You know you'd like to rank on search engines for the keywords associated with your business and services.  You know you're missing out on valuable web leads nearly every day, your competition is scooping them up before they even consider you.  They're simply in a better position to attract visitors and harvest leads, they're beating you to the punch.

Denver SEO servicesAccording to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 79% of adult Americans use the Internet, and most of them are using Google as a start point to find what they're looking for.

If you don't rank on search engines, you simply don't exist in today's digital marketplace. 



So how do you get to the top of Google? 


How do you even know what words you need to grow your rankings for?  Where do your start? 


How do you optimize your website and create new related content to keep moving up the list? 


We're here to answer all of these questions in more with this article, it's time to start building your very own SEO campaign!


5 Steps to building a SEO campaign


Step 1:  Creating a Strategy

When you are developing your SEO strategy, you need to understand what information goes into the algorithm for search engines. These include:

–Geographic location of the searcher
–Historical performance of a listing (clicks, bounce rates, etc.)
–Link quality (reciprocal vs. one-way)
–Webpage content (keywords, tags, pictures)
–Back end code or HTML of webpage
–Link type (social media sharing, link from media outlet, blog, etc.)

You'll need to build a strategy that plays to the search engines and also reads well for visitors, our eBook goes into detail on how to address each of these bullet points.


Step 2:  Building your On-Page SEO

As we learned before, content is an essential part of your SEO plan, and you need to make it valuable and engaging. Every page you or your Denver SEO Services company build and every blog you write gives you another page for the search engines to look at and improve your page rank.

Aside from making your content relevant to your industry and readers, there are several ways to format your webpage to impact how search engine bots digest your content. Here are several ways you can optimize your on-page content to help your SEO goals, make sure each element includes your target keywords.

  1. URL Structure
  2. Picture Tags
  3. Meta Data Titles & Descriptions
  4. Headline Tags
  5. Internal Linking


Step 3:  Optimizing Off-Page SEO

While optimizing your on-page SEO is pretty straightforward, it can be much more difficult to put together quality off-page SEO, which is focused on building relationships with other sites and link-building. Who is linking to you and how your content is shared across social networks are important factors of your search engine rank.

You may want to get out there and get links to your website coming from all your friend’s websites, but having great quality in your inbound links is more important. A single link from a major website will go much farther than all the small ones combined.

Step 4:  Discovering your Keywords

It’s pretty easy to choose some simple keywords for your business. You know what services you provide and can figure out how people are going to search for your company, and there are many resources to help you do so. But it gets more difficult trying to think of “long tail keywords,” complete phrases that someone might look for.

You could have “wooden deck” as one of your keywords, and a long-tail version could be “home wooden deck installation.”

Location-based searches are another integral part to building your SEO. You want your business to dominate the local searches, so make sure you choose the keywords that best relate to your services and location, such as “Denver SEO Services,” or “Denver SEO Consultant” and that have a good amount of traffic.

Step 5:  Measuring SEO Success

SEO success won’t happen overnight. It may be tough to show ROI on your strategy right off the bat, but if you’ve put together a comprehensive plan, you should see results like these:

  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Increased Leads
  • Growing Number of Inbound Links

Want to learn more about SEO and how you can maximize your efforts?  Get our FREE eBook and learn the same tactics your Denver SEO Consultant will charge you a bundle for.


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