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The Great Revenue River Brew Tour- Great Divide Brewing


I often can’t believe how lucky I am to have lived in a place as beautiful as Colorado my entire life.  The scenery is amazing, the people are great and the weather always keeps you on your toes!  Did I mention the beer?  Yes folks, I have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize that I not only was able to grow up in the greatest state out there (fact) but also during the greatest beer revolution this country has ever seen!  Colorado has been called the Napa Valley of micro breweries, and lucky me, I’m just old enough to sample all of them!

Having come into my own for digital marketing at just about the same time as all of these breweries, I can’t help but notice the marketing tactics used by the various companies.  Just like any new venture, micro breweries start off their existence with very little time or money to throw towards expensive marketing campaigns.  Instead of standing toe to toe with the big 3 beer giants when it comes to marketing, our savvy Colorado breweries have turned to social media and other inbound marketing tactics to create an entirely new micro brew counter-culture!

Over the coming weeks I will be providing miniature case studies on some of my favorite micro breweries around the state, focusing on how they’re marketing themselves and their products!  You’d be surprised at how many of them are utilizing some sort of inbound marketing tactic rather than traditional!  And the best part is they probably don’t even know it!Denver Social Media Marketing, Revenue River

Great Divide Brewing Company- The Stats:

Location: Downtown Denver, 22nd & Arapahoe

Brewing Since: 1994

Author’s Favorite Brew: Yeti (I Believe.)


Located smack dab in the middle of downtown, Great Divide is known for its almost fanatical Denver social media following, branded stickers and world renowned beer.  Guerilla marketing tactics, an engaged social media presence and amazing web design are what have really helped separate these brewmeisters from the pack!  That, and their great tasting beer, of course!

  • Guerilla Marketing- Purchase a 12 pack of Great Divide beer and what will you find inside?  Well besides delicious sustenance, a free sticker with the company’s logo!  Go in for a fresh pint at their tap room downtown and what is sitting out for fans to take home for free?  You guessed it, more free stickers.  Why keep giving out all these Denver Social Media Marketing, Revenue Riverstickers?  Well if you’re making the effort to go down to their actual brew site or buying multiple 12 packs, my guess is you like their beer, so Great Divide wants you to take the next step and become a brand ambassador!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen their stickers plastered on counter tops of local dive bars and other places down town.  This style of guerilla marketing looks to get the brand’s name and logo out there for the world to see, because especially in such a crowded market (currently over 170 breweries and brewpubs in the state and counting) brand recognition is key!

  • Social Media- Great Divide is very active in the Denver social media circles; posting regularly both on Facebook and Twitter.  Following many of the same posting guidelines I’ve come to adopt and publish for both Facebook and Twitter, their average social media post receives “Likes” in the hundreds, multiple shares and numerous Retweets.  How do they do it?  Well their content is engaging and fun, not to mention viral!  Go ahead and enter #YetiMafia in your Twitter discover bar, and see what comes up.

  • Website­- Have you seen these guys’ website?  That is web design at its finest!  A strong website can do wonders for a company and set them apart from their competitors!  Great Divide’s website combines an easy to use layout with simple, yet creative designs that make for a pleasant experience.  Want to know what kind of beer they’re brewing?  Easy enough, just click here!  Feel like buying some apparel with their brand on it?  Right here sir, what size do you need?  An important feature in any inbound marketing campaign is a user-friendly website, and Great Divide sure does have one!

Great Divide Brewing Company has always been one of my favorite micro brews because of the beer they so expertly brew, but now they’ve earned even more of my respect and praise due to their non-traditional marketing efforts.  So the next time you’re in downtown Denver or just frequenting your liquor store’s cooler, keep these guys in mind!  Want to see what I’m talking about?  “Like” them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.