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Time To Explore: Top 4 Most Interesting Blogs On The Internet


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It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that goes into making a blog successful. From design to content, SEO to proper timing, every detail matters for your blog and more importantly your business. Sometimes, it’s fun to take a step back and see what everyone else in the blogosphere (completely made up…but we will roll with it) is doing to attract readers.  

I want to share my top 4 interesting blogs I have come across on the internet. They vary from appealing design and functionality, to downright funny strategy and messaging. So, as the great Captain Tenneal from the Most Extreme Challenge television show says, “Get it on!”


My Favorite 4 Blogs On The Internet


1) Sidetracked

It's all about travel…need I say more? Sidetracked, in my eyes, defines what a travel/conquest blog should look like. It’s hard to look past the stunning images, but Sidetracked delivers content of worldly adventures that basically pop out of the screen right into your imagination. If you want to explore different parts of the world, Sidetracked can do that. If you want travel advice, or that little inspiration to get out there, Sidetracked provides it. Immerse yourself in all Sidetracked has to offer.

Sidetracked BlogSidetracked uses stunning images with the best quality and simple functionality to attract their readers.

Why I find this blog interesting

We all dream of traveling the globe, but Sidetracked brings some of the unattainable (for now) dreams to life. Their site’s visual-heavy content is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Their content flows from being able to pinpoint a specific travel location, to seeing what food you can expect to find in cultures around the planet. Visual marketing is the key here, because starting this past year, an astounding 70% of marketers plan to boost their use of visual content, whether it be in blogging or elsewhere.


2) The Vane

As a kid, I was always interested in weather. I was freaked out from the movie Twister. I had nightmares about hurricanes, but overall, I was genuinely intrigued with the way weather worked. So, how do you think I felt when I found an enite blog site dedicated to weather?? With interesting articles from how earth just downpours rain in hours, to video of a storm chaser narrowly escaping death by Category 5 hurricane, this blog will blow your mind with cool information...and SCIENCEEE! Maintaining fresh, and relevant, not to mention extremely interesting, content will help your blog deliver to the masses...and those masses will grow. 

The Vane Blog

Why I find this blog interesting

Besides it talking about the weather, the use of content that grapels site visitors in is the reason this blog is tops. Always keep in mind, that when you start writing, you need to keep writing. Subscribers won't just want a "one and done" type situation, they want content on a regular basis. Blogging can be considered an awareness type marketing action, but the more content you create, and the more trust you build with your followers, the more likely they are to buy into your brand. Although The Vane might not have a direct product, they allow you to sign up and follow, which is a great way to build an audience


3) Primer

Described as a “guys post-college guide to growing up”, Primer has everything in topics from how your pants should fit, to where you should fit a punching bag in your apartment. Mostly for men…okay, probably ALL for men, Primer dives into the more obscure concerns and questions a guy may have. At the same time, their principles and content is easy to digest, allowing us to take away some fine points we may never have considered for everyday life.

Why I find this blog interesting

As a guy, it’s nice to see a site that tackles some of our everyday questions, as stupid as they may be. Although strictly for men, there are plenty of “women only” sites/blogs like this on the Internet. Bottom line, I can browse this site for everything and anything dealing with men, and walk away learning something new to do or try after every visit.


4) Awkward Stock Photos

Now for the obligatory “funny” yet “still related to marketing” blog. Everyone and anyone that works in marketing understands what a stock photo is. It’s the photo you stare at when you NEED that one blog photo, and you shake your head…stupid stock photos. Meant to be purchased for that reason, stock photos offer great visuals for pretty much any industry you are looking for.

Why I find this blog interesting

I mean this has to be pretty self-explanatory. Working in marketing, and seeing stock photos every day, I can’t help but to laugh and wonder “who would ever use this and think it’s okay?” Mostly used as a stress relief on my end, it’s a nice little day unwinding site seeing a few of these gems. A marketing professional's dream come true to see these awkward photos in one great site.


There are plenty of factors that ultimately go into a blog that I would consider "interesting". A big piece of this is the actual content itself, something grappling that keeps me coming back. But, if your stuff is visually unappealing? It doesn't matter how great of a writer you are, I won't come back. Take the time to improve EVERY aspect of your blog site, from the asthetics to overall readability of your posts. And if you are still reaching to get there but need some else, you know where to find us.  


If you need help coming up with ideas check out this article about developing blog topics by our Marketing Manager, Doug Eldridge.