Trade Shows No More - Winning With Digital eCommerce Alternatives


Trade shows is a way for others to directly experience your brand and your products. With the cancellation of these annual events – many retailers are reinvesting their resources to digital strategies in order to drive engagement and create excitement around their products.


Goals for these tactics:


    1. Create ways for your audience to experience your brand and your products through whatever medium you choose as if they were able to hold, feel, and test them out themselves.
    1. Get creative with how you want to engage your audience. Think of who you are as a brand and what would entice your target markets to get involved with your content.
    1. Generating buzz around your campaigns adds longevity to your messaging. What excites your audience and to drive them to advocate for your products?


Digital Lookbooks

You may already do this for your product launches and seasonal campaigns, but this is your time to go above and beyond what you normally distribute. Think virtual, interactive and experience driven to allow your audience to immerse themselves in your brand and your products.


Level Up Your Video

Video marketing content strategies continue to be a major driver for quality engagement and conversions. Now’s the time to really invest heavily into this medium with unique content. Explore all the different channels and content types you could execute and find one that connects you best to your audience and your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing-3



When’s the last time you REALLY evaluated the efficacy of your email strategies and refreshed it for more growth? Email is an incredibly cost-efficient way that still continues to produce. Take a look at how you’re currently using email and inject some modern tactics in to boost your results.


Social Media

We’ve seen so many incredibly creative ways of utilizing social media to connect brands to their audiences during this strange time. Live stories, refreshing campaigns, and more deeply connected content is steadily becoming the norm for many. How have you boosted your social media strategies and how much lift have you seen as a result?


Webinars and Trainings

Get people involved with your brand and your products by hosting webinars and trainings. Especially in the outdoor space – this industry has seen a huge lift over the last couple months as a result of all the closings nationwide. Many people are getting involved with new hobbies and activities and connecting them to those with online training is a great way to position your brand as an industry expert as well as a resource for valuable educational content that will serve you in the long term.



Who doesn’t love free stuff? A huge part of trade shows was the relationships, the happy hours and the FREE STUFF! Don’t deprive your followers, new and old. Start running some unique giveaways to get your audience involved, expand your following and share your products with the world.


Third Party Agencies, like Revenue River

To get a leg up on your competition - consider reaching out to a third party agency. Anytime you're redefining how you operate, especially in a time like now where these strategies are volatile, an agency with experience and expertise to support your business decisions will only reenforce the success of your efforts. Try reaching out to a credible agency, like Revenue River for a business consultation, OR try our Digital Business Assessment


The Bottom Line - eCommerce is growing faster than ever, can you keep up?

Everyone is facing unique situations they've never been in before, which means you have a duty to adapt and evolve to stay relevant.

Global eCommerce sales are up 77.7% YOY at the end of May - THAT'S WILD!


If you think maintaining your online sales is your only option, think again. The industry is changing and the way customers are shopping and experiencing brands is too. Now's the time you get gritty and invest in new strategies that will propel your business into this new future we've been thrown into.