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Why Does SEO Take So Long To See Results?

SEO Takes Time Why?

If you want to gain results by SEO, it may take a long time to see results, but if you execute correctly, the results will be worth the wait. Once you start to see higher search engine rankings, you will receive increased traffic to your website. According to Search Engine Journal, 70% of the links users click on are organic. Below I will explain why it takes so long to see results.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a marketing tactic that provides Internet users a search result that spits out the best relevant information based off of their search query. SEO works by the optimization of a website in terms of having higher rankings within the search engine’s first page results. The success of SEO is using white hat tactics only.


The way search engines work, is that they use spiders to read, or crawl, every page of a website. Once the pages have been crawled they are then stored in a database. Because this is a lengthy process, older websites will initially have more authority over yours; due to the time it takes for the spiders to index your pages.


Reasons it takes time


  1. Creation and implementation of content of a website takes extensive research and writing. Search Engines do not necessarily give keyword-rich websites higher rankings, but base it off of writing quality content for spiders and users. Do not just stuff keywords into the content. IT must be natural.
  2. It takes time to attract high quality links, due to the fact that you have to do extensive research and it may be hard to attract links from a high authoritative site. You might have to try more than once.
  3. Each change to a website slows down the SEO process because the new content needs to be reviewed and tweaked. The change of content is definitely beneficial, but again it takes time for the spiders to crawl.
  4. Results may also depend on the type of industry you are in. Some industries are highly competitive and it will take a long time to catch up with the older, more authoritative sites. You should not expect to be ranking immediately in a highly competitive market-place.
  5. Competitors are trying to rank for the same keywords, usually at the same time.
  6. 4-5 months is the average time for you to start seeing results, though it could take longer depending on the circumstance.
  7. You sometimes have to revisit and update your SEO strategy, including keywords, and other optimization tactics.


Can You Help the Process Along?


The following are elements to consider when doing SEO. One thing to keep in mind is that these elements could possibly help aid the SEO process along, but it is not set in stone.

  1. Have you done what is needed?
    • Make sure you are doing the necessary steps that have been suggested to you. This could help aid in the process. Do not ignore the recommendations asked of you and try to do everything you can to help optimize your site.
  2. How many inbound links do you have on your site?
    • Old or no links on your website can affect the time for SEO results. If you do not have any inbound links, it is possible that your site may not even be indexed.
  3. Was your website recently launched?
    • Google rankings are based a lot on how much the search engines trust your site. If you have recently launched a new website, it could take a while before it is pulled. It is important to include a few inbound links and a sitemap.
  4. Is your site user-friendly?
    • Having a content management system and a website that is easy to navigate might speed up the ranking process.
  5. Is your target competitive?
    • If you choose a keyword strategy that is very competitive, you will have to wait longer to see an improvement in rankings. If this is the case, start with a long-tail keyword strategy to dip your feet in the water.
  6. Can your site keep up with competitors?
    • It is a good idea to match a competitor’s site in terms of backlinks and pages.
  7. Does your site have duplicate content?
    • If you have duplicate content, it will lead to your site not being ranked until you change the content to be unique. This may take time at first.


The process of SEO takes time. This may seem tedious, but you will see great long term effects that will drive traffic to your site. Optimizing your website is a way to form credibility with search engines. In order to aid in the ranking process, follow the guidelines above. It may not help immediately, but you will see results.