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About Amanda

Amanda has been helping define what Sales Enablement means to Revenue River for the last three years. Naturally curious in the way teams and tools function together, she is driven to understand on a granular level how friction can be removed from any and all revenue-generating processes. 

To that end, she has worked on dozens of platform implementations and integrations of varying scopes, largely oriented around HubSpot and Salesforce. Out of the gate, her goal is most often to identify the minimum viable product that will meet critical sales objectives. She has learned how important it is to get something live in order to begin collecting real, actionable insights around user experience that ensure successful implementation and adoption.

During her career she has successfully built invaluable longstanding relationships with sales teams and marketing teams alike, headed up complex integration projects, and contributed to a healthy culture of excellence. Above all, though, Amanda is committed to continuously learning and leading growth within the inbound community. And also, she may or may not be on a mission to take over the world.


Amanda’s Specialities

  • Software Integrations
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales Enablement Strategy
Amanda's Inbound Certification
Amanda Daume Drift Sales Cert
Amanda's HubSpot Software Certification
Amanda's HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification
Amanda Daume Drift Marketing Cert.
Amanda's HubSpot Partners Certification
HubSpot Insiders Blogger
Dogs & Colorado

Amanda’s Interests:

Dogs & Colorado

Particularly anything in the CO outdoors - I love snowboarding, hiking, camping, outdoor music shows, brewery patios and just exploring. I love the melting pot culture and the drive people have to get out there and make shit happen, both personally and professionally. However, from transporting to fostering rescue pups, few things in life bring more satisfaction and joy to my heart. 

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