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About Amanda

Amanda has 10 years of marketing experience spanning both traditional and digital approaches. With a degree in Communication and double minor in Sociology and Chemistry from the University of Iowa, she is driven to understand on a granular level how people engage with their environment to make decisions in their daily lives. 

Early in her career, she spent a great deal of time in the event planning industry getting an in-depth look at all the facets of traditional outbound marketing. From designing and building tradeshow booths to generating buzz for and executing clients' upcoming events, Amanda picked up a great deal of knowledge of the marketing landscape. 

In 2012, when she caught on to the inbound methodology, she knew that the future of marketing was on a crazy trajectory toward something awesome. When she wasn't able get her current team onboard with the shift she was seeing, she found an opportunity to join the inbound revolution with the Revenue River team.

During her career she has successfully built invaluable longstanding relationships, implemented complex integrations between marketing methodologies, tools, and channels, and contributed to a healthy culture of excellence. Above all, though, Amanda is committed to continuously learning and growing within the inbound community. And also, she may or may not be on a mission to take over the world.


Amanda’s Specialities

  • Software Integrations
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales Enablement Strategy
Amanda's Inbound Certification
Amanda's HubSpot Software Certification
Amanda's HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification
Amanda's HubSpot Partners Certification
HubSpot Insiders Blogger
Dogs & Colorado

Amanda’s Interests:

Dogs & Colorado

Particularly anything in the CO outdoors - I love snowboarding, hiking, camping, outdoor music shows, brewery patios and just exploring. I love the melting pot culture and the drive people have to get out there and make shit happen, both personally and professionally. However, from transporting to fostering rescue pups, few things in life bring more satisfaction and joy to my heart. 

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