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'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the site
Not a creature was stirring, not a lead nor a client;

The keywords were there for readers that would dare,
In hopes that a customer would soon venture there;

The marketers were passed out in their beds,
With beer and whiskey infiltrating their heads;

And the CEO all up in his knickers, and I about to snap,
had just set our brains on a new course, or map;

When in the inbox there arose such a clatter,
Revenue River was there to tell us what was the matter;

Away to the phone I flew like a flash,
Tore awake the marketing department and gave them a lash;

Most of them acted as if they had hit a new low,
Which gave light that they were not in the know;

When what to the marketers wondering eyes did appear,
But the COS, and to his eyes came a tear;
With a platform so awesome and slick,
he knew in a moment that his boss wasn't being a dick;

More rapid than a horse that came up lame
I whistled, and shouted, and called out by name:

"Now, Tanner! Now Cooper! Now Gunner and Aiden!
On, Violet! On David! On, Taylor and Lauren!

“Underneath you is a torch! Do not stand in awe
Now do as I say! Get out of the way! No more  of this stall!

I hung up the phone without saying goodbye
I got right to work, and thought to myself, why
So for way too long our website really blew
With no way to personalize and no responsiveness too
And then, like a bang, I became less aloof
This was going to be easy, our site no longer a goof
Like a sack full of lead, we had been weighed down
But alas, here comes Revenue River, wielding their crown
They came ready to make our problems caput
The professionalism presented made me wish they were always afoot
Right away it was obvious that they had quite a knack,
For our site was being fixed right there like a jack.
Our site—how they twinkled! how lively, how merry!
The responsiveness hit us right in our noses, on my phone the site was so cherry!
The packages we could present each persona could practically be wrapped in a bow,
The speed was incredible, it used to be so slow;
The coding was so intuitive that our site will never be beneath,
And the bloke who will run it will never bequeath;
The quality was sound, if it were food, it’d be comparable to the Carnegie Deli
No more worry of leads, we could now sell our jelly.

It was perfect and posh, like nothing I could do myself,
And I laughed when I saw it, I pictured my pride on a shelf

A ding and an email, and there was a lead
I knew then and there that our site was no longer a weed;

The site spoke not a word, it’s job was to work,
And soon another customer showed me the perk,

And now stretching my toes,
I see how the COS goes;

Ours was in disarray, it needed dismissal
But now it was awesome, and worked like a missle.

I heard them so clear As Revenue River left on that cold Christmas night-

“The COS is so great, I wish everyone would see the light ”

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