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In less than a decade, a whole new form of marketing was launched, matured and changed the way items were sold forever. In 2003, for example, few people had ever heard of a Facebook page, although they have had an account on Yahoo or Google, they weren't considered “social media.” They were just advertising points.

In 2004, Mark ZuckerDenver social mediaberg introduced Facebook and new ways of marketing appeared almost overnight. In fact, they really weren't new ways of marketing, it was just that Facebook changed the playbook things were becoming decentralized and real niche marketing was a possibility.  The keepers of the various playbooks – Denver branding agencies, for example – were faced with an added set of headaches as emoticons made their appearance and LOL and IMHO became parts of regular Internet conversations.  Further, Flash-based sites made their floating appearances across websites as developers used new toolsets to emphasize their products.

Granted, the changes are incredible – as are the graphics – and the fact that they can float their way through standard sites can not only be disconcerting, but can be downright rude brings us to the point where an major branding firm such as Revenue River, may have to enforce rules that will ensure successful social media ad campaigns.


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The rules that Denver web development may be facing, include:

  • Always be positive – keep your message positive and ensure that your graphics package and related social media services have a clear, related theme. Also remember your etiquette, don't try to strong arm your way into a new site.

  • Work out marketing agreements with the the social media sites where you would like to see your message positively displayed. Be sure you work closely with your social networking partners and assure them that you will help to reinforce their positive image with a positive image of your own. This is observing a higher level of netiquette that shows your quality and your willingness to work with your partners.

  • Your Denver web development should present all information clearly and your graphics package should support your message which  should present the advantages of your product.

  • Maximize the use of your social media marketing effort and do not belittle the competition.

Be sure that your web work reflects content management integration but never:

  • Go negative – keep any criticism of any other products to yourself. The only time when you can void this is when you are comparing several items with the same components and you are giving your viewers real information that they can process.

  • Never attack the competition as this violates netiquette. Again, if you are presenting a large spreadsheet-style comparison sheet with all the features your product has but the other don't you can do this.

  • Never make an unsubstantiated claim as this will bounce back and hurt your product. Your message should always be upbeat and meet good Denver web design practices, as well as meet established social media practices.


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