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Conversion-Focused Website Redesign Creates $350,000 in Sales in 6 Months


Website redesigns can be scary. Companies are trusting in the expertise and experience of a digital marketing agency to help them generate high-quality leads for their sales teams to close. There are many doubts that can creep into your mind, like, "Am I paying too much?" or "Will my website look the way that I want?" or even "Will this company do what they say they are going to do?"

It was not long ago that one company needed an expert opinion on how to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their website. Wilmot Modular Structures, an east coast modular construction company, realized their website could have a greater capacity to drive bigger and better leads. They reached out to Revenue River to help them update their website.

Nearly 6 months after creating and implementing our changes to their website, Wilmot saw an incredible return on their redesign investment through new leads generated from the website.

Lack of Conversion Points
Switched from WordPress
Moved to HubSpot

About Wilmot Modular & Its Web Presence

Wilmot Modular is a modular construction company on the eastern coast of the U.S.A. that supplies businesses and organizations with temporary and modular buildings. Construction companies that find that they need additional modular offices can contact Wilmot Modular to get an additional building at their work site. They work rapidly on innovative solutions that help their clients solve building-related issues.

Wilmot wasn’t lacking a digital presence. Their old website wasn’t poorly made, or lacking information. In fact, it had most everything necessary to educate most any prospect with the right amount of information to make a purchase. Refer to the gif below where you can see the scrolling of Wilmot's old homepage. 

Wilmot Modular’s old site was inundated with valuable information, and it had plenty of material about almost all of their offered products. Where it was lacking was that there was no overall SEO strategy, and interested prospects couldn't easily find the information they were looking for. There were too many links to navigate, resulting in higher bounce rates and potentially visitor frustration. This poor site structure needed to be consolidated.

 Wilmot Modular’s old site was inundated with valuable information, and it had plenty of material about almost all of their offered products. Where it was lacking was that there was no overall SEO strategy, and interested prospects couldn't easily find the information they were looking for. There were too many links to navigate, resulting in higher bounce rates and potentially visitor frustration. This poor site structure needed to be consolidated.

The Problem

Like previously mentioned, Wilmot had a significant amount of untapped potential they weren’t taking advantage of on their website. Pages could be consolidated, links and the main navigation could be simplified, and the design could be updated to a more modern feel. In addition to all of the above, they weren’t able to make quick and easy changes to their website content, and they couldn’t access consistent and reliable website analytics that were easily understood.

Prior to working with Revenue River, Wilmot relied on testimonials and word of mouth to generate new business. It was our goal to help them convert their website into a consistent source of leads that they could tap into.

It’s not a bad thing to be informational or to help your prospects understand what you do for your customers via text. The problem with sharing educational, product-based information is that it’s most often done via text instead of through visual media. This causes your prospects to search for what they’re looking for textually on your website, which is a bad idea because it causes people to scan your content. If you include visual media in addition to visual elements, your readers are more likely to slow down and read your content. 

Additionally, Wilmot Modular was lacking an overall SEO strategy that emphasized search engine rankings, pillar pages, and other elements to help them grow monthly organic traffic. Even more, they wanted a content optimization system that was integrated with their client relationship manager, Goldmine.


How We Solved for the Customer

After a data-driven exploratory phase, we redesigned Wilmot's website with a simple theme focused on establishing visuals and images of completed modular buildings as the heroes of key pages. Additionally, we targeted the consolidation and restructuring of the website's structure and navigation links in order to make it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need to make a decision. The gif below illustrates our implemented changes.

wilmot's new COS website redesign

It takes less time for prospects to see the quality of work that Wilmot Modular delivers for their clients on this newly-updated site. A large part of the development of Wilmot’s website was to merge the webpages to help visitors see what the final product looks like.

This helps website visitors connect the dots in between a modular construction company’s word and what their clients actually receive in real life. The images supplied by Wilmot for each finished product are very similar to testimonials that a company might receive, except that they are visual. People that visit Wilmot’s website can see just about everything that Wilmot does for their customers, causing their prospects to be more likely to trust Wilmot’s ability to deliver on their needs.

We could talk about fancy ass web design all day, but that’s not the only aspect of this newly developed website that is effective. Wilmot's old website was lacking specific areas where website visitors could convert into leads and ultimately, customers. We established multiple, custom and product-specific conversion points on their site.  

Here is an example of a "conversion point" on the old website, and the new one.

Old Site Conversion Point - Contact Us Page

New Site Conversion Point - Request A Quote

The fact is, the creation of a conversion-focused website helped Wilmot generate more new business in a shorter amount of time than any word of mouth had ever been able to do. This modular construction company clearly benefited from an effective digital marketing strategy.


Can You Replicate These Awesome Results?

Obviously, your business has to have a few essential variables in place to generate a hundred thousand dollar lead from inbound marketing. Since the update of Wilmot’s website near the end of 2016, it has been able to drive over $100,000 worth of new business from their new site.

One of the most important things that you can do regarding you digital marketing efforts is to evaluate whether or not they are truly effective. Wilmot knew what they needed to do in order to be successful in digital marketing. Their awareness towards what they were lacking allowed us to accurately meet their needs with the creation of an ongoing digital marketing campaign to help drive even greater results.


Wilmot Modular's old website statistics:

  • 0.5 leads per month
  • 0.04% conversion rate
  • 1 deal over $100,000 per month

Wilmot Modular's new website statistics:

  • 5.4 leads per month
  • 0.9% conversion rate
  • Multiple deals over $100,000 in first 6 months


website redesign COS results

Wilmot's old website was averaging roughly 950 views a month, and of those views, 0.04% of that traffic was converting into leads. Some quick math shows that's about half of a lead per month. We've increased their conversion rate to convert four times as much of their website traffic. In addition, dedicated blogging and optimization allowed Wilmot to grow their keyword rankings. 

There was a lot of potential to make a lasting impact on Wilmot's digital presence, and we did just that. Our digital marketing strategies were able to double site conversions and get Wilmot found on Google. The best part is that in our success, we've identified repeatable strategies that we can implement to continue to generate big money sales. 


Final Word

Wilmot's history of providing temporary and modular buildings has allowed them to build an expansive network of their own contacts and customers at construction companies. However, it's very rare that all Project Managers at a construction company will know about Wilmot and how they deliver high-quality modular structures. By enrolling those contacts in a nurturing email workflow, we can continue to develop Wilmot's sales pipeline so they can close more business.

Once you evaluate the shortcomings of your digital marketing ecosystem, you will find an opportunity or even opportunities to improve. It's then up to you to act upon the things that you find. It's not guaranteed that the changes you make will drive leads that close for bigger deals. However, something as simple as adding more product images or creating a friendlier user experience can have a huge impact in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

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