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Cybersecurity Company Increases Organic Traffic and 3X Lead Generation with HubSpot Redesign

BitLyft logo

Meet BitLyft. One of the industries leading cyber security firms, headquartered in East Lansing, MI. As a leading, innovative security operations center (SOC), they have built a platform that provides full-time protection against cyber security threats by leveraging the leading security information event management (SIEM) software.

BitLyft came to Revenue River for help re-platforming their website from WordPress to HubSpot. They were already leveraging the power of Marketing Hub, so it made sense to bring the website over to the CMS for centralized management and streamlining both sales and marketing operations.

Heavily Regulated Organization
Needing ROI from their Website

The opportunity before us was enormous. To date, the website had not resulted in a single closed opportunity. 100% of BitLyft’s portfolio of business had come through referrals. So there was a strong need to demonstrate ROI by driving business through the website. Additionally, the WordPress website was cumbersome to manage, struggled with performance issues and required continuous maintenance. These were all areas we hoped to help improve through a website redesign project. 

Another unique challenge was how to navigate the heavily secure and regulated cyber security industry as an agency. As a partner agency, some deal-breaking prerequisites that required solutions were

  • That only US-based W-2 employees had access to work on the project. 
  • Revenue River had to demonstrate compliant data breach response policies.
  • Documents required to have on hand included:
    • Information security policy
    • Media labeling and destruction policy
    • Cyber liability & E&O Insurance 

Fortunately, we were familiar with this process and were able to meet all of BitLyft’s evaluation criteria. That earned us the opportunity to show what we could do. 

When it came to the platform, we were fortunate that BitLyft was familiar with HubSpot and knew that it was both compliant and secure. Being SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 compliant were important factors for a security company to consider when deciding on their digital platform. 

Our security program is driven not only by compliance and regulatory requirements, but also by industry best practices like the OWASP Top 10 and the CIS Critical Security Controls and threat intelligence.

- HubSpot Security


Our solution was to redesign the website into HubSpot CMS Professional. With a ground-up strategy to target defined conversion paths, we aimed to reposition BitLyft’s platform BitLyft Air at the forefront of a holistic solution. We also wanted to increase BitLyft’s authority by strategically positioning case studies, white papers, and other premium content unique to each page that was contextual and supported the overall page topic. To increase the scalability of the site and usability for the team, we developed various custom modules that provided flexibility for different media, verbiage customization, and image control.

HubSpot custom module development gif
HubSpot resources module example

Additionally, we needed to capture a clean/modern aesthetic that was tech forward for the cybersecurity industry. A few aesthetic considerations we took into account are

  • Custom animations - by implementing some subtle javascript and custom animations, we were not only able to bring the site to life in an engaging way, but we were able to convey complex ideas and systems without a ton of long-form copy. This allowed us to maintain the scalability of the page design.
SOC system animated graphic
New BitLyft website banner
  • Relevant iconography - by defining a specific icon set that matched the aesthetic of the design and the relevancy to the industry, we were able to establish a consistent UX throughout the site for easy recognition and usability. By using SVGs, we were easily able to control styling which would come in handy later on. 
Custom iconography for website redesign
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Conversion Path Optimization FTW!

Additionally, our strategy included targeted use case pages that could be the foundation for ABM campaigns and provide a platform for content specific to related industries. By positioning relevant resource content by topic to each page such as caste studies, blog articles, pop-up downloads, and more as featured in the graphic above, we were able to increase overall time on page and decrease overall bounce rates of the site.

Ultimately it all came down to implementing defined conversion paths to start generating business through the site. For this, we intended to monetize every page by leveraging HubSpot CTAs for trackable conversion analytics, implementation of video assets, and other premium content to build value for the users and constructed a robust resources hub built with blog functionality that has hidden content reveals for premium offers. 


How did it all turn out? 

The results spoke for themselves. Where previously 100% of business was the result of referrals, since launch, we are able to attribute actual closed-won revenue directly to the website. With an increase in all important KPI's, we were happy to see our approach worked. We were able to increase the average time on page, and improve conversion percentages of form submissions which lead to a hockey stick growth curve of new contacts. With such valuable content and thought leadership put out by BitLyft, users found value in the contextual placement of relevant content on individual pages. 

Since the site launch in May 2021, we have increased the average session length by almost 200% to an average of just over 50 seconds. (up from 15 seconds inApril)


By strategically leaning on the HubSpot blog functionality and positioning additional content and multiple conversion opportunities, we immediately affected the number of new contacts we were bringing in through the site via form submissions. This lead to 64 new contacts in just 2 months following the launch of the new site. 

Form submissions chat by month
HubSpot new contacts created year to date

By tracking all of this through the HubSpot CRM, we were able to fill the pipeline with new prospects and lean on the automated workflows to further nurture them until they became sales qualified. With the increase in contacts, the client was able to segment their audience and leverage the Marketing Hub to streamline their sales processes. 

Example of HubSpot workflows image

We finally had a viable platform that we felt confident in driving traffic towards. With our new tool in place, the client felt confident to invest in paid advertising and that it wouldn't be a waste of money driving traffic to a site that couldn't convert. 

It would be worth noting that PPC was able to be part of our marketing mix because we had a site we were confident could capture the business, and we were correct.

- Samuel Montie, Marketing Success Manager

In fact, BitLyft was able to provide specific wins realized over the last 4 months

  • Organic Site traffic increased ~2000 Unique / ~5500 Total per month since launch
  • Lead Generation nearly tripled from. 34/month to 116/month (boosted by PPC)
  • Steady increase in organic traffic
  • Increase in meetings booked directly from the site
  • Increase in MQL's from organic traffic.
Leads to MQL chart graphic

We didn't stop there!

Since the launch of the new site, BitLyft underwent a brand refresh that established an updated color pallet, new logo, and some slight font adjustments. Fortunately we built the site using the latest and greatest HubSpot Themes.

Because of this, we were able to update the CSS file at a global level, as well as the custom modules we developed that included styling as part of the module to support easy drag and drop functionality anywhere on the site. 

HubSpot custom module HTML image


BitLyft pre theme update image


BitLyft post theme update image


All said and done, by leaning on the power of HubSpot and positioning the next level content and resources the client had, we were able to build a system that better-connected users with the content they were looking for. Through CTA usage and conversion paths implemented through the CMS, we were able to track the actual impact the redesign had on the site. Additionally, by building on a scalable HubSpot Themes foundation, we were able to provide the framework for the client to continuously manage their premium content in an effort to keep the website fresh with updated content and resources for years to come. 

We appreciate the strategy, thoughtfulness, and commitment from Revenue River to envision and execute lead generation through our website. I can’t say we were an easy client to work with due to our high-security compliances needs as well as our unique place in our early brand development. They worked alongside us to help us get it right and we’re so pleased with the results and their team.”

Nicholas Pidek

Chief Marketing Officer BitLyft

Nicholas Pidek

Chief Marketing Officer BitLyft
Nicholas Pidek CMO BitLyft
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