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About Delbert

Born and raised in the flatland's of Kansas, Delbert isn’t afraid of a little hard work. It doesn’t matter if it’s long hours in the hot sun, or brainstorming a complex marketing campaign with a multi-channel approach. He strives to provide his best no matter the challenge. 

A salesman at heart Delbert loves meeting new people, building relationships and educating others on the power of search in marketing today. As an analyst he tends to know more about search trends than most people care to admit but his clients are better for it. Always looking for an edge, he constantly looks for areas to improve his knowledge and experience in the vast landscape of search marketing and because everything changes all the time, he’s never afraid to add new tools and processes that competitors often overlook. 

Landing in Denver in 2018 with his wife Megan and their two dogs, Delbert enjoys gardening, hiking, ball games, and cold beer when he’s not trying to learn about the most recent algorithm update. In joining the agency at Revenue River he brings SEO experience for both local and international businesses, with an eye for technical search engine optimization opportunities and improvements. Always ready for a laugh, you’ll rarely catch him without a smile for you.

DELBERT’s Specialties

  • Technical SEO
  • Data & Analytics
  • Growing Organic Food
Delbert's HubSpot Certification
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Delbert’s Interests:


I began gardening in my mid-20's and haven't stopped since. Not only is it fun and exciting, it's incredibly relaxing and rewarding. Knowing how to grow your own fruits and vegetables means you don't have to rely on others and you'll always have the freshest produce just walking into your own backyard. In an attempt to lower my carbon footprint and remain sustainable, gardening has become a way of life not just a hobby. 

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