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Inbound marketing is the act of attracting consumers who are actively looking for information relevant to your industry and service with compelling content and offers. It's using the power of attraction rather than unwelcomed interaction.  Outbound marketing usually involves making outbound sales calls, buying email lists, and purchasing ad space. Inbound marketing involves aligning the content you publish on your site with your customer's needs and interests. Inbound marketing agencies offer a free inbound marketing assessment, meant to assess your opportunities for growth.

Inbound marketing is the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. - HubSpot


By effective implementation of inbound marketing best practices you can grow your website relevance and traffic.  You can convert a larger percentage of that traffic into leads.  Once converted, you can qualify those leads further through nurturing techniques.  Properly nurtured leads become customers, providing you the ability to blow them away with your greatness and turn them into advocates for your brand.  

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Your website is the heart of your organization's digital body,
neglecting it can cause as much damage to your company as
neglecting your heart can cause to your actual body.

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