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HubSpot CMS Redesign Increases Online Orders 3x for Native American Fast-Casual Eatery

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Meet Tocabe, a Native American, fast-casual restaurant with 2 locations in Denver, Colorado. More than just food, Tocabe has a powerful mission to support indigenous cultures and educate the world about the traditions and culture of Native Americans through cuisine.

A philanthropic force, Tocabe uses sustainable and locally sourced ingredients from indigenous purveyors whenever possible. Not only do diners have access to unique menu items like bison ribs, but they support local indigenous farmers and ranchers while doing it.

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From surviving a pandemic
To thriving in a new normal
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The Challenge: Help a Fast-Casual Restaurant Navigate Pandemic Challenges 

Like many fast-casual restaurants, Tocabe's fate hung in the balance during the pandemic. Restaurants in the Denver area and around the world had reduced capacity down to 25% or less with mandatory social distance requirements that deterred foot traffic.

Tocabe would have to adapt to survive and could no longer keep a narrow focus on increasing foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations. 

Without the ability to serve customers in-store, Tocabe's leadership had to get creative. As consumers shifted to take-out and online ordering to stay connected to their favorite restaurants, Tocabe and other restaurants had to make sure their customers' online experience was engaging and seamless. 

Tocabe suddenly had to reprioritize the content on the website to serve the needs of their customers and retain takeout business. On their existing website, customers couldn't find the information they needed, like menus and locations. 

In addition to shifting the focus to take-out and online ordering, Tocabe wanted their ordering experience to be customizable to mimic the in-store experience. This would include UX updates like educating customers on how to order and their options.

Finally, Tocabe wanted to ensure that its mission to educate people about Native American cuisine and support indigenous cultures was woven into the website experience.

Ultimately, the site needed to reflect the differentiation factors that made Tocabe a unique food destination.

These shifts proved a difficult task with a heavy mobile audience and cumbersome CMS.


Solution: Re-Platform, Redesign and Develop a Customer-Centric Website with Multiple Revenue Streams

Tocabe had a best-in-class marketing system with HubSpot CRM. This new situation was the catalyst they needed to recognize that their generic WordPress template wouldn't serve customers' needs and that it was time to upgrade to the HubSpot CMS. Our solution was to re-platform, redesign and develop the website into HubSpot CMS with Marketing Pro.

We aimed to bring greater visibility to the locations with one-click access to maps and directions.

We re-envisioned their menu UX to clearly showcase what is available to diners without requiring them to download a PDF. Then we leveraged HubSpot CTAs to connect customers with their Chow Now online ordering platform, recording click and engagement data in HubSpot. This allowed us to monitor the new site's performance and its effectiveness in guiding users through a completed online order. 

Additionally, we implemented a HubSpot multi-step form for catering services to increase revenue through group orders as this funnel had higher profit margins than individual orders.

Because we needed to collect a significant amount of information, we broke up the questions into 4 parts with a progress bar along the top to show the customer where they are at in the journey. This allowed us to make sure we qualified leads coming through this form by group size, accouterment needs, and delivery time. 


But we weren’t done yet! While adjusting to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Tocabe realized that there was a much bigger opportunity to serve the community by offering an online marketplace where customers could order ingredients directly, as well as pre-packaged meal boxes.

Tocabe worked with Revenue River to implement a Shopify eCommerce store integrated with HubSpot through the native integration.

This new revenue stream allowed Tocabe to diversify its revenue sources in a way that carried far less overhead than running the restaurant yet still stayed true to its mission and values.

We designed a clean shopping experience that focused on the food and told the story of the dedication and rich heritage that Tocabe has come to be known for. 

In highlighting their 2 for 1 donation program, we were able to showcase the community impact of the Tocabe online market through donations to various Native organizations.


Results: $7k in Monthly eCommerce Sales, New Customers, Orders, and Products

It worked! Since its launch about a year ago, Tocabe's catering form averages a 3.4% conversion rate with 94 separate catering orders. Additionally, they've increased their contact list by 514 new community members!

Forms Report

catering form contacts


Even more exciting, when we look at the last year, we see that 72% of submissions came from new contacts. Because we are leveraging the HubSpot CRM, we can put these new catering contacts into a nurturing workflow and re-engage them for specials, promotions. Now that restrictions are lifting, the list can be leveraged for in-person events and connections. 

By leveraging CTA’s we’re able to track the performance of some of our most important conversions.

CTA Report

Since launch, a quick comparison of online orders shows that we were almost tripled the revenue of the previous two years combined in the last year. 


Additionally, with the launch of the Shopify store, we were able to contribute approximately $7,000 to the client’s revenue just in the last 30 days. With this endeavor recently launched, we fully expect to skyrocket this trend in the coming months through additional engagements with the Tocabe team for marketing and sales enablement support. 

ecommerce sales

Although sales are important, the community has always been at the center of everything Tocabe stands for. The website is now a crucial component of building community, and we have seen an increase in lifetime customers by 170 over the last 30 days. 


Leveraging the HubSpot <> Shopify integration, we’re able to easily manage our marketing efforts for both the website and online market centrally and gain valuable insight into returning customers that have learned just how special this fast-casual restaurant is. Through the planned “order online, pick up in-store” initiative, we aim to increase our targeting of local traffic through the online marketplace.

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Impact: Multiple Revenue Streams and More Opportunities to Raise Awareness

Overall the impact for this client has been tremendous. Since the launch of the new site, we are gaining more and more traffic and converting that traffic through various channels at fantastic rates. 

Sources Report

We see fantastic engagement with the new site, with average bounce rates below 50% for organic traffic sources. Direct traffic has gained 267 new contacts with a bounce rate of 58%, indicating that these users are converting quickly. 

Sources Chart

The ability to increase sales and bottom-line ROI for Tocabe directly helps to impact the indigenous community as well. Our involvement in helping this business through an unprecedented time while valuing the culture and heritage of the people behind the brand has been a true testament of how marketers, designers, developers, and partners can commit to creating meaningful change in the world through our work. 

Before the pandemic, you might not have considered a fast-casual restaurant a heavily software-centered, marketing-focused business. But leveraging HubSpot as a central platform for website and marketing activities has helped this restaurant thrive as a business and continue to create community impact during uncertain times. We are happy to continue our relationship with this client through an ongoing retainer to help them catapult their digital presence even further over the coming year. 

Overall we couldn't be happier working with Revenue River. We're thrilled with the site and get compliments from customers all the time who have found us online. The Shopify store is taking off as well and helping us make a tremendous impact with our 2 for 1 donation program. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Revenue River for years to come. 

Matt Chandra & Ben Jacobs

Owners Tocabe, Inc.

Matt Chandra & Ben Jacobs

Owners Tocabe, Inc.
Matt Chandra & Ben Jacobs
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