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Ultimate Heating & Cooling Increases Source-Attributed Revenue by 725% with HubSpot and ServiceTitan Integration


Ultimate Heating and Cooling (UHC) is an HVAC services company that has been in operation for 30+ years in Denver, CO. UHC used the powerful ServiceTitan software to dispatch, manage, and track services data and revenue. In early 2020, UHC started using HubSpot for sales and marketing, implemented by Revenue River.

The Ultimate Heating and Cooling (UHC) leadership team had embraced inbound and HubSpot. Once they saw what automation could do for their family-owned business, they were eager to utilize HubSpot to the fullest extent. Their goal was to leverage the platform to get analytics like revenue attribution to inform marketing spend decisions. UHC’s agency partner, Revenue River, saw an opportunity to integrate their dispatching software to gain insights they would need to understand ROI and make data-driven decisions.

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Two Disparate Systems with a Non-Native Integration Hold Key Attribution Data Points

UHC’s ultimate goal with HubSpot was to gain revenue attribution and get smarter about allocating marketing spend. They had confidence that HubSpot, the most robust marketing, sales, support, and operations platform, could provide this visibility.

The challenge was that ServiceTitan was capturing their revenue data, and HubSpot was capturing their contact source data, two critical pieces in the ROI and revenue attribution equations. UHC couldn’t unlock complete visibility into their marketing spend while using two disparate systems.

Typically, when integrating HubSpot with another platform, one can search HubSpot’s marketplace and find a ready-to-go solution that syncs the platforms. However, ServiceTitan had no public API documentation; furthermore, ServiceTitan has some marketing capabilities and viewed HubSpot as a competitor.

We would have to overcome this perception with ServiceTitan to gain access to the API before determining the feasibility of revenue attribution.

Challenges Overview

  • Getting revenue attribution data for marketing spend decisions and ROI
  • Obtaining necessary data from 2 disparate systems
  • No public API documentation for ServiceTitan to enable an integration
  • Mapping fields from ServiceTitan in a way that would be legible to HubSpot

After starting the integration from Service Titan to Hubspot, we were unsure of what to expect. We had previously used several different reporting platforms to help our company make critical marketing, sales, and financial decisions. These platforms were all based on the raw data manually entered.

Carrie Ladd


Carrie Ladd


Forging Connections Between People, Platforms, and Data

As an agency partner, it was our job to navigate ServiceTitan’s closed API. After hours on the phone and several emails, we made the case that solving for the client was mutually beneficial.

The API documentation was ambiguous at best. We communicated heavily with ServiceTitan’s support team. Our persistence paid off, and we established the integration.

ServiceTitan and HubSpot organize data in their systems differently, so we had to dig into the logic that governs the data to map it accordingly.

We created a data mapping document that showed how the information would flow between the systems.

The “Job” status equated that to “Deal” stages in HubSpot, where we reported the revenue and insights on how long it takes to realize that revenue.

We unlocked not just revenue attribution but significant revenue-related data points that UHC could use to improve their marketing ROI.

Solutions Overview

  • Collaboration with ServiceTitan on API documentation and implementation
  • Creating a data mapping document to create a flow of information between the two systems
  • Using the API to collect revenue and source data to spell out revenue attribution

Results: Revenue Attribution for Strategic Planning

With everything connected, the data revealed actionable opportunities.

We had a simple view of all the “Jobs” by type inside HubSpot, enabling UHC to view their services data in a way they never could with just ServiceTitan. 

We could easily compare the number of “Jobs” vs. the average revenue per job and, finally, attribute revenue to marketing activities to determine where UHC should spend marketing resources.

For instance, UHC’s Google My Business listing was responsible for almost half the revenue generated by marketing. This insight prompted efforts to collect positive customer reviews and ensure the listing remained updated.

UHC also gained the ability to forecast. With “Jobs” syncing with HubSpot’s deal pipeline, we can predict how much revenue UHC will close in the coming weeks and months, helping plan finances, adjust capacity, and compare against past performance.

Figure 1 shows a side-by-side view of the # of jobs per type and the revenue generated per job type. Figure 2 shows the original source data used to calculate ROI.

Figure 3 shows forecasting available to UHC. Figure 4 shows how source data led to a strategic insight about Google My Business.

"Once we started pulling data from the Hubspot platform, along with the knowledge and training from Revenue River, Ultimate Heating & Cooling captured data on various levels. 

This data gave us insights to connect with our customers in an entirely different way leveraging HubSpot, creating customer retention."

Carrie Ladd

COO/CFO Ultimate Heating & Cooling

Carrie Ladd

COO/CFO Ultimate Heating & Cooling

Impact: 725% Increase in Attributed Booked Revenue

UHC has unprecedented access to essential business data. They are a more intelligent company, and now that they can see ROI per marketing channel, their ad spend is more efficient than ever.

Since connecting HubSpot and ServiceTitan, we have seen a 725% increase in attributed booked revenue in 4 months. The data that UHC now collects has a widespread impact on all aspects of their marketing efforts, from what types of services are most profitable to promote and where it is to promote them.

One of the most common and complex challenges facing businesses today is strategically analyzing and using the data they collect. Today, many CRMs do a great job collecting critical information about prospects and clients but tend to fall short when reporting on that data. Using HubSpot to connect your businesses’ technology stack allows for robust reporting across platforms and gives management teams the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. In UHC’s case, connecting HubSpot to ServiceTitan opened up several reports that enabled them to get the leg up on their competition.

"The integration has allowed us to develop sales goals and marketing budgets based on data. We are now entering historical data into the system to run year-over-year sales trends to help with future goals. Hubspot along with Revenue River has created an environment for our company to increase and improve the growth of Ultimate Heating & Cooling."

Carrie Ladd

COO/CFO Ultimate Heating & Cooling

Carrie Ladd

COO/CFO Ultimate Heating & Cooling
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