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Case Study: How to Use Industry Regulation Changes to Generate Qualified Leads

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2020 marks a milestone in the fertility industry for New Yorkers. A year ago, fertility preservation and IVF advocates across the state worked tirelessly to push a reform bill through the New York State legislature that would impact the lives of countless residents who were hoping to grow their families. 

The Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (FAFTA) took effect on January 1, 2020--and requires health insurance companies to cover 3 key areas of fertility treatments:

  1. Provide up to 3 IVF cycles to people who get their health insurance from a fully-insured employer who has coverage on the Large Group market. These are companies with 100 or more employees.
  2. Provide medically necessary fertility preservation medical treatments for people facing infertility that is caused by another medical intervention (such as radiation, surgery, medication, etc.) on both the Small Group and Large Group markets.
  3. Prohibit delivery of insurance coverage from discriminating based on age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or gender identity.
Increase Regulation Awareness
Grow New Lead Numbers
Impact Families' Lives

Strategic Positioning After Seismic Industry Shifts

As a leading facility in New York City, Kofinas Fertility Group knew how life-changing these legislative changes were for families. The new coverage laws would allow their patients (and prospective patients) to receive more affordable fertility care than ever before--and grow the families of their dreams.

The opportunity? Incredible. The impact? Transformational.

Kofinas Fertility Group would be well-positioned to be the provider of choice if it could help their current and prospective patients understand how to maximize their health benefits. 

It was a win-win for both the Kofinas team and their patients. 

We knew the finish line was January 1, and we had 9 months to build and execute a spot-on marketing strategy to promote this legislation. 

Here’s how we partnered with our long-standing client to develop a marketing strategy focused solely around the fertility mandate with two key goals: 

  • become the go-to fertility team for New Yorkers looking to learn about FAFTA, and 
  • generate new customers looking to take advantage of their new-found healthcare benefits

Our ROI-Driven Strategy to Leverage Industry Changes

Our research and planning stages were highly collaborative with the Kofinas team. We worked together to understand how their organization would be able to serve their patients whose insurance plans would now cover their fertility treatments--then worked backward to build a marketing strategy to fill this pipeline: 

Our desired lift of the fertility mandate campaign:

50 new leads
27 new qualified leads (54% conversion rate)

Anticipated pipeline value of leads: 


Over a timeline of 5 months, we planned to execute a holistic strategy in 4 phases: 

  1. Build: We’d spend 2 months doing the ‘heavy lift’ of creating all of our assets.
  2. Launch: Then, we’d aggressively launch all assets and schedule all of our promotions.
  3. Optimize: We’d quickly move into KPI analysis, tactical updates, and refining all assets to boost performance.
  4. Measure: We’d spend the last month of the campaign reporting on our results and lessons learned.

Spoiler alert! We’ve since reached the finish line on this campaign, with incredible results: 

End KPIs of the fertility mandate campaign:

400 new leads
207 new qualified leads (51.75% conversion rate)

Anticipated pipeline value of generated leads: 


Executing Our 7-Pronged Plan of Attack

With these clear end goals in mind, we set our team of specialists loose on the campaign plan to lay out exactly what we’d need to get us there. Our focused team developed a plan that included 7 types of tactical support:

1. Educational conversion pages (including a custom mandate ‘Learn More’ landing page, success stories, and an insurance rates page)


2. A “Do I Qualify?” insurance mandate interactive online quiz


3. Highly targeted paid media efforts around core FAFTA keywords

4. A custom chatbot and lead flows to drive conversations with new prospects and our patient liason team

5. Cluster articles to drive education and organic traction to our insurance mandate content


6. Quarterly newsletter focus shift to the mandate during the open enrollment period

7. SEO on-site optimization around our target mandate keywords

Results Worth Shouting from the NYC Rooftops

As you saw in our spoiler, this fertility mandate campaign was a complete success. We were able to help Kofinas Fertility Group position themselves as the leading team in NYC for fertility counseling and treatment, and they’ve reached new patients who are now able to make more informed, insurance-covered decisions about their fertility. 

The impact here is obvious: more families are empowered, more insurance benefits are maximized for paying customers, and the Kofinas team is at the forefront of this industry-changing legislation. 

Hear from Afsana Islam, Director of Marketing and Business, about the impact of our marketing machine and streamlined systems on Kofinas Fertility Group’s digital business.

Afsana isn’t the only Kofinas team member that has seen the benefits of our partnership. Kofinas’ social media consultant, Jennifer (Jay) Palumbo, left us a review on the HubSpot Partner Directory, too:

“The folks of Revenue River have been a pleasure to collaborate with. They are organized, communicate well, are proactive with any social media strategy or blog content they want to execute and their ideas are creative. They also offer personalized creative attention (as opposed to cookie-cutter marketing strategies). They have been a pleasure and I sincerely recommend them.”

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