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About John-Michael

Originally from Arizona, John-Michael (JM) has quickly transformed from a desert dweller to a mountain man.  He now spends his free time soaking up all the nature and culture Colorado offers.

John-Michael's passion for marketing bloomed while attending the University of Arizona.  After graduating cum laude with a bachelors in business administration, JM decided to put his marketing and entrepreneurship skills to the test.  With the help of his teammates and some prize money, he co-founded an LED grow light company called Specteros.  Though the business did not last, he took the lessons learned forward into agency life.

At Revenue River, John-Michael develops, executes, and analyzes content marketing campaigns for clients.  He emphasizes the need for storytelling in digital marketing.  JM aims to construct narratives that highlight the "why" behind a company's value proposition, while integrating cutting-edge, best practices. 

John-Michael’s Specialties

  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Strategy
  • Storytelling
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John-Michael’s Interests:


Music became an essential aspect of my life when I was just a child; although my ways of experiencing it have changed dramatically in recent years.  Aside from listening to it nearly every minute of the day and attending concerts in my free time, I now engage in playing and creating my own music.  Though my skills are subpar at best, I love to play piano and guitar any chance I get.

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