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About Laurel

Laurel has a BFA in Cinematic Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. For the past several years she has worked in just about every capacity of video production from creative direction and cinematography to editing and motion design.

She has a passion for telling stories in an engaging way and making sure all the details of a project come together beautifully, right down to the frame. She has worked on hundreds of videos ranging from brand films and TV commercials to music videos and educational series.

When she's not spending hours cutting in Premiere or adjusting keyframes in After Effects, you can find her sewing, going to concerts, or watching Netflix on the couch with her husband, Zach, and her dog, Lucy.


LAUREL’s Specialties

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Design
  • Cinematography
Wedding Dress

Laurel’s Interests:


When I'm not creating things digitally, I love creating things with my hands. I've been making and altering my own clothes since I was in high school. I even made my own wedding dress!

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