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About Mauro

Mauro has more than 10 years of experience working with frontend and backend technologies, including DevOps. His main skill is with Javascript but he has worked with other languages and platforms, including CMSs like WordPress or HubSpot (HubL). He is a terminal and CLI lover.

When he's not programming, he's playing with his daughter (together they play tiggy, nerf guns, and video games on the xbox) or helping others.

MAURO’s Specialties

  • HubL Development
  • UI Interface Development
  • API Manage
Mauro Vargas profile


Amber's Inbound Certification
Mauro Vargas teaching programming to children class

Mauro's Interests:

Helping others and family time.

I love to share. My wife and I collect goods for homeless people and low-income children and I am currently teaching programming in a school in a poor neighborhood in my city. I am a lover of old and classical music.

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