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About Melissa

Melissa was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of her free time is spent either with her family, reading a romance novel, or playing computer games. She also enjoys baking and has been experimenting with keto recipes, but sometimes she indulges in the real thing.

After attending University of California, Santa Cruz, Melissa went on to co-found a website design company, where she helped manage clients and social media accounts. From there, she spent time managing marketing research projects at a full-service marketing research firm, working with local clients such as Ghirardelli and Plum Organics. Prior to joining Revenue River, she most recently honed her project and client management skills at a digital advertising agency, where she managed e-commerce advertising projects for HP's PC and PC accessory product launches.

Melissa brings over 7 years of project management, digital marketing, and agency experience to Revenue River, where she is helping the agency to continue exceeding client expectations.

MELISSA’s Specialties

  • Project Management
  • Client Management
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Melissa's Inbound Certification
Melissa's HubSpot Certification
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Melissa’s Interests:

Video Games

I've been playing computer and console games since Mario Kart 64. A few of my favorites include Guild Wars 2, The Sims 4, Anno 1800, Grand Theft Auto, and Animal Crossing. You can catch me "WASDing" in the evenings after putting my young son to sleep.

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