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Credit card fees and merchant transaction fees are eating away at company profits more now than ever. There are so many providers and so many loop holes and hidden fees it’s nearly impossible to know what deal you’re really getting.

Consider the amount of time this takes to manage and interview vendors, review contracts, ask for concessions, understand the fee structures, etc. Don’t you just wish you had someone to trust? Don’t you wish you understood the difference between different options and could easily see what else is out there and how much profit you might be giving away with every purchase? Yep, we do that too!

We have teamed with the #1 merchant services provider in the world to bring you a better rate and better program. We are not a reseller like the company you are most likely using now, we don’t take a commission on sales we simply have an angle to provide you with a high level introduction not previously available. There is nothing to lose and no time to devote. Simply supply us with a copy of a recent statement and we can either reduce your credit card fees or we can’t. Nothing to lose, much to gain. Sound simple? It is.

There are 7 major providers in the world, the rest of the players are simply resellers or more appropriately named ‘middle men’. They simply take a wholesale offering, spiff it up, hide fees, make a hefty margin, and sell it to you. Unless you’re working with one of the major 7 directly, you’re paying WAY too much for processing.

Our partner is one of the 7, in fact they are the #1 of the 7 and control over 50% of the global merchant services market. They can offer pricing structures that simply can’t be beat by their competition much less the resellers so why are you using a cut rate company when we can introduce you to the company that leads the world and can offer unmatched savings? No reason? We didn’t think so, let’s talk

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