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About Mia

Proud of her unconventional life Mia has never done anything by the book. From living in over a dozen houses in six states to dancing pre professionally at the Kansas City Ballet. Her life has been full of curveballs.

After homeschooling herself throughout high school she graduated at sixteen. She then continued her education by going to her local community college for the spring semester. At this time she was dancing 40+ hours a week during her final semester at the Kansas City Ballet. It was through this experience that she decided that college and ballet were not the paths for her.

She found a college alternative called Praxis and started it in September of 2019. Throughout the program, she built her skills and landed a role as a digital marketing apprentice at an agency. So, at seventeen she packed up her life into three boxes and moved out to San Francisco in March 2020, the week the city shut down. She gravitated towards the SEO department and fell in love with the work. Eventually getting promoted to an SEO Specialist as well as moving home to Kansas City.

Her goal for every area of her life is to be in a constant state of learning and growing. Mia is now working remotely and traveling as much as she can, despite living everywhere there is still a tremendous amount of wanderlust in her.

Mia's Specialties

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Being A Hypewoman
Mia Liang, Revenue River
Mia's Inbound Certification
Google AdWords Certification
Google Analytics Certification

Mia's Interests:


Whether it be writing, fashion, dancing, music, interior design or anything else art related, I have always loved it. I've been writing stories since I could spell, dancing since I was a kid, and obsessed with music since I was born. My love for creativity and self expression means I thoroughly appreciate those that are their authentic selves.

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