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About Mike

Mike has over 13 years of experience conceptualizing and developing creative deliverables specific to client business objectives. He loves the creative process and use of industry leading software, and maintains ongoing knowledge of product advancement.

As the 7th employee hired at Revenue River, Mike has been a part of the agency growth and development through a variety of roles including project manager, Director of Interactive Services, Directory of Strategy & Design, and now in a sales role as a sales manager. 

Mike has grown along side HubSpot and has an expansive knowledge base around what it takes to succeed in digital, from a software stack, to processes, to market capitalization. 

Mike is a proud father of his son Miles and lives with his wife Misty and their son in Littleton, CO. Mike enjoys fly fishing, snowboarding and anything outdoors. 

Mike’s Specialities

  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Premium Content Creation
  • UI / UX & Mobile Optimization
Mike Del Cuore
Mike's HubSpot Certification
Mike's Inbound Certification
Mike's COS Certification
Mike's Insiders Blogger
Mike's GDD Certification

Mike’s Interests:

Health & Fitness

I love being active. Whether it is hitting the gym, at the park playing any type of sport, or waking up before dawn to be on the river fishing at sunrise. I continually strive to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, eat clean and encourage others around me to live at their optimum health as well. 

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