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About MK

MK grew up on the coast of Massachusetts, where she built up a high tolerance for the cold and a love of lobster rolls. After visiting Colorado for the first time, she knew she had to trade in the beach for the mountains. So she left behind her proximity to the setting of one of the greatest movies of all time, The Departed, and hopped on I-80. 

She stopped in Buffalo for some wings at Duff's, got some BBQ in Goehner Nebraska, population ~158, saw a lot of cattle and passed a LOT of Amazon Prime trucks. But alas, she arrived in Denver and knew she was home. 

After having several opportunities to work with Revenue River team members during her 2+ years at HubSpot, MK is absolutely thrilled to be on such a kick a$$ team. She loves problem solving within HubSpot and other SaaS systems, listening to strategic goals and finding the best way to technically execute them, and most of all, building relationships with customers. 

Outside of work you can find her walking the lake with her senior rescue dog Ronnie, worshipping Taylor Swift, skiing, golfing, or opening a bottle of wine.

MK's Specialties

  • Technical HubSpot Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Inbound Methodology
MK McDonough


MK's Sales Software Certification
MK's Inbound Certification
MK's Sales Certification
MK's Sales Enablement Certification
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MK’s Interests:

Dog Rescue

I have always had a very big spot in my heart for rescuing dogs. I take a trip to Aruba every year with my friends where we transport dogs off the island back to their new adoptive parents in the states. I love to educate and spread awareness about rescuing as well as volunteer for shelters. My favorite rescues are Bunnys Buddies, Sgt Peppers Friends, and PawsCo. Check them out!

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