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Increasing Visibility & Performance with HubSpot's Enterprise Sales System

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When you've invested in your CRM for so long and established processes that you've executed on for years, it can be a very difficult pill to swallow when you realize:

"You know. I think we might need to overhaul this whole thing."

That was exactly what happened when the team at Privo IT decided they want to seriously level-up their sales system and processes with HubSpot Sales Enterprise.

But how do you know where to begin when HubSpot is completely uncharted territory?

Lack of Visibility
Facing Uncharted Territory


In their previous CRM, the Privo IT team was faced with a major lack of visibility in prospect movement through their pipeline, a lack of adequate reporting on sales activities, and prospects were constantly getting “stuck” in their pipeline. Because this CRM lacked the automation they needed, their system called for several zaps from Zapier to boot. With too many moving parts and several third-party tools, it was easy to lose track of where system builds existed or where their system holes were. Talk about a CRM management nightmare.

It was time for a major change.

We were impressed with Privo's eagerness to dive into brand new processes and technology. Because of this, we knew we could have more advanced automation, in addition to using HubSpot's more advanced functionality.

Jenna Bos

Client Success Manager REVENUE RIVER

Jenna Bos

Client Success Manager REVENUE RIVER

Privo IT is not a team that shies away from unknown technology. Their savvy team of experts knew, that while the HubSpot CRM was uncharted territory, it was the key to leveling up their sales process and gaining the visibility they needed. But a lack of experience with HubSpot grew to be a major setback. They knew if they wanted it done right, they were going to need help from a team of true HubSpot experts. A love story between Privo IT and Revenue River was about to ensue. With all the twists, turns, very high highs, and very low lows, our partnership would prove to be one for the books when all was said and done.



The Privo IT team wasn’t going to just dip their toes in the water, nor were they interested in taking their existing system and just CTRL+V-ing it into HubSpot. They had an opportunity to optimize and rebuild an effective system, and they were not going to shy away from something new just because they weren't familiar with it.

We kickstarted our partnership with meetings to go over their existing foundation. Getting on the same page with pain points and goals was key to building something that worked for them.

Stephanie Tran

Sales System Architect REVENUE RIVER

Stephanie Tran

Sales System Architect REVENUE RIVER

Our first objective was to design and plan for an effective sales system that would successfully move prospects through their marketing and sales cycles while giving visibility in sales activities and prospecting. We needed to identify current pain points, and plan and build an ideal CRM system to address them.

We moved quickly to collaborate and design a system that accounted for:

  • Scalability
  • HubSpot capabilities they’d never used before
  • Automation
  • Advanced notifications and automated follow-ups
  • Increased sales visibility

With our plan and course of action solidified, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty on the full system build.

Architecting the Machine

With their investment into HubSpot Sales Enterprise, we had a few product features at our disposal that would be critical to our system build.

The addition of webhooks in workflows enabled us to use Zapier for more complex automation builds. For one example, we needed to adjust date properties for leads who needed to put their sales conversation on hold. In their email, they were able to click a CTA based on how long they wanted to put their conversation on hold.

To enable our powerful automation to adjust the prospect's "On Hold" date, we provided each choice in an email template. (click image to expand)

Based on which CTA they clicked, it would trigger a webhook that would adjust their ‘On Hold’ date property in HubSpot. With this adjustment, we were able to build an automatic, timely check-in email the day they are ready to speak again.

We leveraged Zapier to give us the additional automation we needed (click image to expand).

Speaking of automated emails, the combination of HubSpot’s email workflows and sales sequences enabled Privo to have automated outreach without being impersonal, with smart send times to level them up another notch. We were able to natively route contacts based on location, and send these new leads a meeting link to book directly with their assigned sales reps.

HubSpot's workflow automation made for a user-friendly experience while giving us the flexibility they needed (click image to expand).

As an added bonus, the native HubSpot Slack integration gave us the ability to build out timely push notifications to a platform they already lived in.

All of these added functionalities—in addition to automation that segmented their database based on lifecycle stages, personas, website engagement, and all things sales-related—contributed to a full CRM system that lived in one. Central. Hub.




Since migrating and implementing their new sales processes, the Privo IT sales team has drank and swam in the HubSpot koolaid.

HubSpot’s Sales Enterprise tools and email integrations have also saved their team time in their day-to-day. The use of snippets, meeting links, templates, and sequences have modernized their processes and optimized consistency across all teammates. Plus, the bonus of the Gmail extension has allowed them to conveniently update the CRM from the comfort of their inbox.

Privo’s increased use of the Hubspot Sales Enterprise CRM has provided newfound visibility essential for a VP of sales to recognize how much work the sales reps dedicated to prospecting.



Today, having all their critical system builds and sales processes live in one primary platform has enabled them to build integrated and robust reporting. They can more easily see which deals need attention, which need immediate follow up, and which ones are “stuck” and could use a nudge.

This added visibility into sales activity and performance has allowed the team to see just how much ass-kicking they were doing, rather than speculation and anecdotal evidence. Hello, hard data.

Nick Underwood talks about how the system we built supports his team.

Making Informed Decisions

By listening to Privo's needs and capitalizing on their technical savviness, we were able to design, build, optimize, and train use of their new HubSpot enterprise system in just 2 months

But this is just the beginning. It's nearly impossible to build the perfect system the first time. Privo's biggest win is their ability to adapt to difficult changes quickly, all with steady heads on their shoulders and a level of enthusiasm that only software engineers would have.

With all of these components in place, Privo is in a position to continue optimizing and capitalizing even more on their HubSpot enterprise investment.

One of the most valuable things to me about our partnership with Revenue River is that it's truly a partnership, and not just another vendor we do business with.

Nick Underwood

Founder PRIVO

Nick Underwood

Founder PRIVO
Nick Underwood
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