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Cybereason Launches ABM with Drift Targeting 500+ companies in 45 Days with a 2200% Increase in Meetings Booked


Cybereason had to attract a new breed of sophisticated, sales-ready, targeted customers through ABM. They knew conversational marketing was the tactic they needed, and Drift the tool to make it happen. Agency partner Revenue River delivered their ABM strategy to scale at record speed.

A cybersecurity company with a category-leading endpoint protection product, Cybereason reached a critical point in their growth where they needed to expand beyond traditional inbound marketing and proactively find their best-fit customers. 

Getting it Right
Personalized yet Scalable
Lightning fast Leads
Cybereason homepage chatbot

The Challenge: Working with an Agency Partner to Maximize the Value of Drift

Revenue River as a digital agency knows how to ignite a piece of technology to reach customers and achieve goals. Cybereason’s industry knowledge made them the perfect catalyst for Revenue River to unleash Drift’s magic. Together, they defined success:

  • Proper Implementation: Cybereason serves 50 industries and over 500 companies with BDRs located internationally and a failed first attempt. They had to get it right the first time around accounting for the volume and complexity of their target audience and the importance of adoption.
  • Full Tool Functionality Usage: Drift promises a lot of features-wise with constant product improvements. Cybereason wanted to make the most of its Drift Premium investment and was counting on Drift and Revenue River to help them take advantage of all the features from advanced intel to sophisticated segmentation and routing. 
  • Account-Based Marketing: The decision to implement Drift was tied closely with the company’s vision for ABM; the integration of Drift into the ABM strategy would be key to its success.
  • Speed to Lead: Drift would open up a fast lane for VIP accounts, allowing BDRs to not only quickly connect with customers but get meetings booked with priority accounts on the spot.

The Solution: Lightning-Fast Leads – The 45-Day Launch

Revenue River and Cybereason held themselves to an aggressive timeline. As a burgeoning leader in their industry, Cybereason has no time to lose keeping up with the latest sales and marketing tactics. Given their extensive experience, Revenue River was up to the challenge of standing up a successful implementation in a 45-day period.

They agreed upon their timeline and got to work. 

Days 1-14: Discovery & Onboarding

Revenue River immediately went to work, fast-tracking the integration of Drift with Hubspot, setting up users, profiles, calendars, routing rules, and developing four initial playbooks to gain early results during the ABM development. 

The teams had to quickly get to know each other through a crash course over the first 2 weeks, further defining objectives and strategy while taking care of the initial build.

The Revenue River team was able to equip our BDR team with a strong foundation of playbooks and tools to leverage for increased engagement across both target accounts as well as unvetted prospects hitting our site, all within a matter of weeks.

Mark Barry

Digital Marketing Manager CYBEREASON

Days 14-28: Developing a Conversational Marketing Blueprint

While tools like Drift are easy to stand up quickly, they’re only as effective as their strategy. Once the initial onboarding was complete, it was time to build the blueprint or the foundational strategy they would use for their conversational marketing.

The Revenue River team began building the conversational strategy by conceptualizing the buying experience from the point of view of Cybereason’s future customers. They followed Drift’s Conversational Marketing Blueprint to visualize the What, Who, Where, and Why behind the customer experience.

The Blueprint also allowed the teams to plan for the future and anticipate growth while starting with the first bots that would have the most impact. They planned to start with an initial proof of concept with 1-2 bots and expand or shift gears depending on the outcome.

This format provided a framework for building additional playbooks in anticipation of future growth and would allow them to optimize playbooks to drive more qualified conversations between buyers and Cybereason’s sales team. 

Days 28-42: Infusing ABM with an Intent-Based Bot

In support of the ABM strategy and the strategy identified in the Conversational Marketing Blueprint, Revenue River placed bots on high-intent site pages.

Many of these pages had forms already on the page, so it was suggested starting with playbooks to offer the visitor an alternative to the form, and streamline the opportunity to “schedule a meeting” directly from the playbook would allow the marketing team to show results quickly and gain the buy-in from BDRs as their meetings booked increased. 

In addition to the bot placement strategy, Revenue River developed a high-intent chat playbook to engage and convert interested visitors into leads.

Day 45: BDR Adoption Training (AKA the Big Day)

Ultimately the implementation depended upon the adoption by BDRs. Revenue River had built Cybereason’s chatbot experience with the BDR experience in mind, but the training and days after implementation would be crucial for success.

Revenue River held virtual training sessions to ensure adoption with a review of the lead routing logic, integrations with Chrome and Slack to fit Drift seamlessly into the tools they were already using, custom calendar configuration, and a tutorial on video selling.

Week 7-12: Analyze and Optimize

Revenue River monitored the playbooks closely after launch. They evaluated conversion rates, speed to lead, targeting parameters, and the BDR experience. Over time they adjusted the playbooks to improve qualification, enhance the resources available to BDRs, and accelerate the pipeline.


The Results:

  • A 2200% Increase in Meetings Booked from Target Accounts 
  • In 60 days, they had 212 new conversions, 59 captured emails, and 13 meetings booked.
  • By the end of August, the Meetings Booked from the BDR team of just 5 people, has seen an increase of 2200%!!

Next Steps: 50+ Business Segments and 500+ Companies

Cybereason’s ABM approach isn’t slowing down; they have target accounts for 50 different business segments that continue to grow and the BDR team globally. Conversational marketing and Drift continue to be essential components to their ABM and sales strategies. The BDR team is fully trained on Drift, leveraging sales tools like Drift Video. Cybereason continues to think big, targeting 50+ business segments and 500+ companies with their new, sustainable, successful strategy.

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