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Plasticase Reduces Time to Close Tickets by 89% with HubSpot Service Pro


Plasticase has been providing carrying and transport solutions to professionals, technicians, and sportsmen around the world for over 30 years. Their professional protective cases are now distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

Plasticase had HubSpot Marketing Pro since 2019 and had been waiting for the right timing to invest in the Growth Suite. In 2021, their team added Sales and Service Pro.

Michel Gauvin, Director of Customer Service and Inside Sales, had specific criteria in mind when evaluating the right Service tool to use before ultimately landing on HubSpot.

Firstly, the tool needed to be able to handle an extremely high volume of tickets.

Secondly, the tool would need to have the ability to separate support tickets into different pipelines depending on the type of customer since they serve both B2B and B2C customers.

Finally, the tool would need to enrich CRM data and provide account managers with an overview of customer interactions with the company including service requests.

Once Gauvin was confident that HubSpot was the ideal solution, he worked with HubSpot to identify the right partner to implement Service Pro: Revenue River.

Improve Support Response Time
Increase Support Routing Efficiency
Create a Single Source of Truth

Revenue River got to work understanding the challenges and opportunities available to Plasticase by implementing Service Hub.

The first challenge to address was lack of centralization. Plasticase team members were relying on several different email inboxes to manage and route customer service requests. Customers had no formal way to initiate a service request, and account representatives had no formal system to process and resolve requests.

This inefficient, decentralized process also lacked something crucial: data. 

Without a centralized system, leadership at Plasticase had no way to make data-based decisions about how to optimize support or get feedback on products. 

We got to work to build them a centralized system that would improve efficiencies and give them the data they need to improve operations.


Pipeline Configuration

Plasticase required pipelines that would route service requests based on the business area (e-commerce, B2B) and location (US-based or EMEA). 

We then audited their existing process for handling service requests that came through email and mapped out their ideal pipeline steps based on their approach to existing inquiries.


Plasticase was able to centralize service requests in HubSpot to get macro and micro views of all service requests. In addition to saving time, the goal of centralization was to be able to effectively prioritize and therefore better service client inquiries.


Our goal was to support Plasticase in navigating and getting started with their new HubSpot license. Ultimately, we want to train their team and get them oriented with their new software, and demonstrate how to use it so they can accomplish their daily work in HubSpot.

Data Collection

In addition to saving time, Service Hub gives Plasticase and its parent company the data they need to make decisions. Using the Dashboards and analytics, the Plasticase team is measuring time to close by rep and by product. Additionally, since they use the HubSpot Marketing and Sales tools, Account Managers can see Service activity on their customers' and prospects' contact timelines and contextualize their requests to improve relationships.

Plasticase has already seen an improvement in time to close, reducing it by 89%.


Plasticase looks forward to expanding their utilization of Service Hub to include an internal FAQ database that can be referenced by multiple reps and fully automating customer feedback surveys. 

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