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About Stephanie

My first job out of college was working at a HubSpot agency, and I have drank—and swam in—the digital sales and marketing kool-aid since day one.

Over the years, I've managed, executed, and developed full-funnel, closed-loop strategies and systems for my clients using their chosen CRM platform.

As a Sr. Sales Enablement Manager at Revenue River, I use my arsenal of knowledge and strategies in sales enablement to help sales teams close deals faster and more efficiently. Additionally, I use my sales ops super powers to design and build sales systems that segment data in effective, story-telling ways for our clients and am loving every challenging minute of it.

When I'm not dabbling in new tools and strategies for sales enablement, I'm probably snuggling with our office rottie, Hank, developing and testing a new recipe, attending dance classes, spending quality time with friends, or belting out my favorite Broadway tunes in my car (I'm not ashamed).

STEPHANIE’s Specialties

  • System integration, build, and optimization.
  • Sales team training and management
  • Closed-loop reporting
Marc's Inbound Certification
Marc's Inbound Sales Certification
Marc's HubSpot Certification

Steph's Interests:


There's nothing like getting out of your comfort zone. Language barriers, new food, foreign friends, and unfamiliar cities, villages, and tiny towns are some of my favorite things. I believe travel makes us more tolerant humans and even better storytellers. So where will I go next? Well, it depends on whatever flight deal I dig up!

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