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About Stephanie

Having studied environmental science and international development at Iowa State University, I made a bit of a career switch when I listened to my gut and did a Google search for a marketing agency after graduation. I landed a role at another fellow HubSpot partner agency where I drank—and swam in—the inbound kool-aid.

Having managed, executed, and developed full-funnel inbound strategies for my clients using the HubSpot platform, I've built an arsenal of knowledge and strategies in digital marketing expertise.

When it came time to pursue my dream of moving to the mountains, I was thrilled to have found Revenue River—it's been a perfect fit.

As a Sales System Architect, I make the lead hand-off between marketing and sales as efficient as possible by designing and building systems for our clients. It's pretty awesome.

When I'm not dabbling in new tools and strategies for sales enablement, I'm probably laying on the floor petting one of the office dogs, pumping iron at the gym, chatting with a new friend, or belting out my favorite Broadway tunes in my car. I'm not ashamed.

STEPHANIE’s Specialties

  • Campaign Management
  • Inbound Strategy
  • Smarketing (Sales & Marketing Integration)
Marc's Inbound Certification
Marc's Inbound Sales Certification
Marc's HubSpot Certification

Steph's Interests:


There's nothing like getting out of your comfort zone. Language barriers, new food, foreign friends, and unfamiliar cities, villages, and tiny towns are some of my favorite things. I believe travel makes us more tolerant humans and even better storytellers. So where will I go next? Well, it depends on whatever flight deal I dig up!

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