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Google Plus for business is essential to get found. So often, when I ask folks if they are using Google Plus for business, they respond with, "you mean the +1 thingy?" Come on man! Goolge+ is one of the most under-rated and under-utilized social media tools businesses aren’t using to grow their search engine rankings and bring more eye balls to your website.  

Google+ Vocabulary

Stream - Most similar to your Newsfeed on Facebook; this is where list of messages is displayed on your home screen from each of your Circle of contacts.

Hangout – Video chats and collaborating with other Google+ members.

Circle – This is where you organize your different connections into groups based on interests, resources, and coworkers.   

+1 Button – Just like a thumbs-up for Facebook, the +1 button allows you to publically like a post that is then indexed by Google Search.

Google+ vs. Facebook

From the surface, Google Plus seems to be very similar to Facebook. You can share large, oversized images with your circles, comment on G+ posts, even +1 things you find interesting and worth sharing.

Below are the things that people using Google Plus for business are doing inside the platform. There are some main differences from Facebook, can you find them?

-      G+ allows you to video chat with up to 10 people

  • Facebook allows you to chat with two people at once, but not with video

-      You can leave a video message for a member of your circle

  • Not available for Facebook

-      Easily share content with specific friends and circles

  • Facebook allows you to designate a friend with certain criteria. You can then share it with that select group by manually selecting it.

-      Allow only specific friends to see data

  • Change set privacy settings in Facebook that allow you to share with certain friends based on criteria established

-      Share your location with one click

  • Facebook Check-in, not as easy as one-click location sharing

-      Delivers articles, blogs, and other content from the web depending on your criteria

  • You can decide what you want to see and don’t want to see, but Facebook doesn’t share that to your group for you

Google plus for businesSome other major differences are that Facebook’s audience is almost equally split (51% male, 48% female) between men and women. Google+’s audience is primarily male with nearly 73% male and 26% female.

These figures show who’s using the apps and how they are using them. Facebook will always bigger and stronger, but that’s OK. We’re seeing a large increase in people using Google Plus for business and don’t see the trend slowing down any time soon.

Who's on Google+?

 It’s no secret that Google+’s initial launch showed who was using the platform the most. In July 2011 when G+ first launched, it overwhelmingly was used by engineers, developers, designers, and software engineers. As the hype of the launch leveled out, things changed quite a bit and. Students moved to the top of the list as primary uses of Google+ and Google Plus for business increased as well.

The United States leads as the primary continent for users of Google+. Asia comes in next and Africa being the 3rd continent with the most Google+ users.

Why use Google Plus for business?

First and foremost, Google+ posts rank higher in search engine traffic and sometimes helps you get additional eyeballs on your content and back to your website. Facebook posts do not show up in search engine results nearly as often as G+ posts do.

We utilize Google+ for ourselves and our clients. It’s so easy to simply create a post to share on G+ using one of our primary keywords. Doing this, we see a large number of our posts on the first and second page in search results for that particular keyword. That should be all the info you need to get started using Google Plus for business. All it takes is a little sweat-equity and the desire to drive more traffic, create more leads, and close more customers


Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller

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