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Blog Roundup 

Revenue River Marketing’s December Blog Roundup


DENVER, Jan. 13, 2016 -- 2015 was a year to remember at Revenue River. We almost doubled in size, revenue and profits were up, employee retention was at 100%, we opened a remote office in New York City and we still managed to maintain a great company culture.  In between all of that, we also helped a couple of clients out. 

As always, we wrote relentlessly throughout the month of December.  Some of our most important blogs of the year were published in the last 15 days because as we reflected on the year we were able to see what was done right and how we could better serve as digital and inbound marketing experts.  Below are a handful of articles that show the power of effective marketing and describe how vital it is to allocate resources to achieve great digital marketing results. 

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Learn more about Revenue River Marketing at www.revenueriver.co.  We are inbound marketing specialists based in Denver, Colorado with a background in business development. Designing, launching, and managing marketing campaigns to produce measurable results is what we do. The focus of our marketing firm is partnering with growing companies to help them grow faster.  We earn great relationships by building their brands and expanding the reach and effectiveness of their marketing campaign.  Their sales team is empowered with qualified leads and their bottom line grows.


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Guest Author

Guest Author

Revenue River often times will publish posts from guest authors who are either looking to start a career in the inbound marketing field or have valuable expert insight from experience within different areas of the industry. To learn more about a specific guest author, look for a short bio at the bottom of every article written.

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