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325% Organic Search Traffic Growth with Inbound Marketing


Eventus Solutions Group had the kind of problems most businesses dream of. They were a fast-growing company (soon to be named to the Inc. 500 list) with a need to establish a more consistent web presence in order to facilitate even more growth.

While most businesses look to digital marketing for kindling to start their growth fire, Eventus was searching for gasoline to add to their well-established flame.

With a list of items in need of attention including a new website design and management system, the establishment of an SEO strategy, industry-specific and persona-level content creation and conversion path optimization, Eventus sought our help in bringing their digital presence to the next level.

Inbound-ready Website
Organic Search Strategy
Inbound Execution

About Eventus Solutions Group

Eventus Solutions Group is a nationally recognized consulting and managed services firm that helps its clients optimize how they engage with their customers in contact centers and via digital media. Their unique business model has earned them recognition on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies and has helped them build a client list that includes some of the most well-known brands in healthcare, retail, insurance, communications, government, and other industries. Eventus Solutions Group built their firm to fuse strategic planning, technology sourcing and implementation, and day-to-day operational execution exclusively in the contact center and customer engagement arenas.


Challenges Of A New Campaign

As noted above, Eventus Solutions Group didn’t have a lot to work with when this campaign began. When we were hired, the website was outdated with poor messaging and even worse design elements not to mention being housed in a clunky, CMS that posed a serious security risk. They only had four existing resources that all needed to be reworked and redesigned because they were grossly outdated. A lack of traffic and lead production brought the need for additional marketing strategy and automation.

In order to turn these elements around and begin producing quantifiable results for Eventus, we needed to build an inbound marketing strategy tailored to their goals, marketing priorities, and industry.

Eventus came to us with the classic set of challenges and goals. We needed to address their digital foundation first. Then we were able to build and execute a connected strategy to generate the results they were looking for.

Eric Pratt

Managing Partner REVENUE RIVER

Eric Pratt

Managing Partner REVENUE RIVER

The Tactics That Generated Amazing Results

Impressive campaign results like those listed below don’t happen by accident. They also don’t happen without a ton of buildout. After understanding their goals, challenges, and existing assets we built our campaign around six pillars of digital marketing that we believed would maximize success. Here’s a breakdown of each pillar with some correlating metrics.

Web Design – Their website was improved with two important steps. First, the website was redesigned to incorporate a solid inbound conversion strategy. Second, the website was migrated to HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) to address security, responsiveness and maintenance concerns. By carefully analyzing user data and building the proper foundation for their campaign we were able to build and execute marketing strategies to increase performance with ease.


Search Engine Optimization – After establishing a sound keyword strategy and optimizing the entire site, we realized that we needed to build more links with high authority. The way to do this is through guest blogging. We’ve presented this strategy and recommend immediate approval.

97 authoritative inbound links contributed to 13 targeted keywords achieving page-1 rankings that produced over 25,000 site visits.

Premium Content – With a complex offering, the need to build awareness led to the development of a series of whitepapers covering all aspects of their consulting services. As their campaign matured we were able to publish 12 different offers, providing all the conversion opportunities necessary to increase lead production.

12 new offers provided 288 new contacts on a 23.15% conversion rate.
Premium Content Offers, Revenue River Success Story

Social Media – Channel identification is critical to social success. We decided to focus the majority of our efforts on LinkedIn and it turned into a real cash cow. We developed their company page, individual posting strategy, and in the final year added social advertising to promote specific whitepapers to targeted audiences.

2,144 posts produced a fantastic engagement rate with 2,136 clicks and 1,155 new followers.
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Blogging – Building expert articles that truly add value to C-level contacts can be difficult. To combat our team’s inexperience with their solutions we employed our expert interview process. By first developing a detailed editorial calendar we worked with Eventus to designate an internal thought leader to each article. Our team then built article outlines before executing an interview with each contact. With their expertise gathered, we were able to produce finished articles to satisfy their audience’s needs.

56 published articles generated 5,398 views and were the primary source for link building in support of SEO.
Graphic Design - Another significant factor in campaign success was the ongoing graphic design work over the timeline. Contributing to campaign success is over 100 different design projects including the new website, whitepaper templates, 3D eBook design, CTA, social elements, sales sheets, conference support materials, executive bio designs, and powerpoint templates.

The Fantastic Redesigned Results

Thanks to the marketing elements implemented above, Eventus Solutions Group has over a dozen premium content offers, a strong blog, and all major traffic sources contributing to strong overall traffic growth including consistent organic search traffic from our focus keywords. Social advertising has shown great success for targeted lead generation and we have attribution tracking that shows closed business resulting from our combined efforts. Outside of these more specific results, targeted marks within the company’s original marketing goals were met and exceeded as well.

Website Traffic Highlights from 2013 through 2015


Digital Lead Generation: 2013 - 2015

  • 408% increase in monthly lead production
  • 525% increase in lead production from social media
  • 253% increase in lead production from organic search

We were able to drive such impressive campaign results through efficiencies with campaign element creation and strategy build-out. As the campaign matured, we were able to leverage a ton of content and conversion points with our promotional efforts. As traffic increased and their database grew, we were able to convert more qualified leads.

Marc Herschberger

Director of People REVENUE RIVER

Marc Herschberger

Director of People REVENUE RIVER

What it Really Takes to Build Results Like This

We worked at the pace Eventus’ budget would allow to continually build sound strategic assets. We built, tested, rinsed, and repeated the process for three full years. The results didn’t come immediately, but they grew consistently to a pace that blew the doors off their goals.  If you think you could use some help developing a digital marketing strategy to drive similar results we’d love to have a conversation.

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