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About Tom

"I want to be a doctor" is something you would have heard me say back in 8th grade. Later I would find that my true calling wasn't cutting people open, rather using the law of attraction and current marketing trends to bring ordinary people to a product or company.

Inbound marketing emcompasses the specific marketing tactics that I am truly passionate about, hence why this is a dream company to work for. Coming from a background in digital and social strategy and execution, it's nice to bring my wealth of knowledge to work everyday and meld with my teammates skills as well. Giving up a job marketing for a 5-star resort that hosted the 2012 PGA Championship (being able to be a part of that, and golf for free at these courses for 2 years I may add) wasn't so difficult looking back on where I am now.

Problem solving and strategizing is fun to me, so coming to work everyday knowing I have several different clients in different industries needing different deliverables...fist pump, awesome.


Tom's Specialities

  • Multimedia Development & Strategy
  • Analytics & Big Data Engineer
  • Campaign Management & Communication
Tom Burgess - Revenue River Marketing
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Tom's Interests:


Don't need to say much more than GO WINGS! Being born and raised in Detroit, hockey was instilled in my blood since birth. Growing up playing on the frozen lakes, I learned the sport the way people did when it was first created. If you want to tell me that any other team is better than the Red Wings, I welcome you to message me.

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