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About Tom

"I want to be a doctor" is something you would have heard me say back in 8th grade. Later I would find that my true calling wasn't cutting people open, rather using the law of attraction and current marketing trends to bring ordinary people to a product or company.

Inbound marketing emcompasses the specific marketing tactics that I am truly passionate about, hence why this is a dream company to work for. Coming from a background in digital and social strategy and execution, it's nice to bring my wealth of knowledge to work everyday and meld with my teammates skills as well. Giving up a job marketing for a 5-star resort that hosted the 2012 PGA Championship (being able to be a part of that, and golf for free at these courses for 2 years I may add) wasn't so difficult looking back on where I am now.

Problem solving and strategizing is fun to me, so coming to work everyday knowing I have several different clients in different industries needing different deliverables...fist pump, awesome.


Tom's Specialities

  • Multimedia Development & Strategy
  • Analytics & Big Data Engineer
  • Campaign Management & Communication
Tom Burgess - Revenue River Marketing
Tom's HubSpot Certification
Tom's HubSpot Inbound Certification
Tom's HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification
Tom's HubSpot Partners Certification
HubSpot Insider's Blogger
Tom Burgess - Revenue River

Tom's Interests:

Fly Fishing

I grew up fishing in Michigan, taught by my Papa on a small lake in his backyard. I was 'hooked' since day one. My journey has taken me through the low country of South Carolina, throwing big bugs at tailing Red Fish, to the mecca of the Rocky Mountain tail waters. Whether it's fishing for high alpine Native Cutty's or throwing streamers (meat) for big Brown's, enjoying the sports technical aspects and natural wonder cannot be beat.

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